The Gospel of Mark
"Jesus Christ: Behold The Servant"
  (Isaiah 42:1)

J. Deering,

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John Mark, son of Mary of Jerusalem, cousin of Barnabas (Col. 4:10), close friend and possibly a convert of the apostle Peter.

Most probably 67 AD, but possibly as early as 50 AD.

Key Verse:

Brief Outline:
I.    The Service of the Servant, 1:1-10:52
II.    The Sacrifice of the Servant, 11:1-15:47
III.    The Success of the Servant, 16:1-20

Brief Geographical Outline:
I.    Preparation of the Servant, 1:1-13
II.    Preaching of the Servant in Galilee, 1:14-9:50
III.    Preaching of the Servant in Perea, 1-:1-52
IV.    Passion of the Servant in Jerusalem, 11:1-16:60

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