The Book of Second Peter
"So, I will always remind you of these things"
  (2 Peter 1:12a)

(Roman and Capital Headings from Ryrie Study bible
Rest of outline based on text: Ed)

2nd Peter Chapter 1:1-11 – A Textual Outline
Addressing Faith, False Teaching, and The Second Advent

I. The Development of Faith, 1:3-21
    A. The Growth of Faith, 1:1-11
        a. Greetings, 1:1-2
            i. Grace
            ii. Peace
            iii. Growth in the Knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord, 1:2
                1. Being granted His divine power, 1:3a
                    a. Pertaining to Life
                    b. Pertaining to Godliness
                2. Through the knowledge of Him, 1:3b
                    a. Who called us
                        i. By His own glory
                        ii. By His own excellence
                    b. By Way of His Power, 1:4a
                        i. He has granted to us Promises
                            1. Precious
                            2. Magnificent
                            3. So That by His Promises, 1:4b
                        ii. You become partakers
                            1. Of the Divine nature
                            2. Having escaped Worldly Corruption
                                a. That is caused by Lust
        b. Now Apply All Diligence in your Faith, 1:5-9
            i. Seven Excellences
                1. Moral Excellence
                2. Knowledge
                3. Self-control
                4. Perseverance
                5. Godliness
                6. Kindness
                7. Love
            ii. Acquiring and increasing these, 1:8
                1. You become Useful in the knowledge of Christ
                2. You become Fruitful in the knowledge of Christ
            iii. Lacking these, 1:9
                1. You become Blind / Short-sighted
                2. You become forgotten, being purified from former sins.
        c. Therefore, brethren, 1:10-11
            i. You, be diligent
                1. Make certain His Calling
                2. Make certain His Choosing
            ii. For Practicing these things – You will never Stumble, 1:10b
            iii. For in this way, the entrance into the eternal Kingdom, 1:11
                1. Of Our Lord, and
                2. Of our Savior
                    a. Jesus Christ
            3. This entrance will be abundantly supplied to you.

OUTLINE [All the links in all the 2nd Peter Studies are provided by the BLUE LETTER BIBLE.ORG website.


1.    From Peter, a bondservant and apostle of Jesus Christ (2Pe 1:1a)

2.    To those who have obtained like precious faith (2Pe 1:1b)

3.    Grace and peace be multiplied in the knowledge of God and Jesus (2Pe 1:2)


A.            WITH PRECIOUS GIFTS FROM GOD (2Pe 1:3-4)

1.    All things that pertain to life and godliness (2Pe 1:3)

2.    Exceedingly great and precious promises (2Pe 1:4)


1.    Supplying our faith with Christ-like graces (2Pe 1:5-7)

2.    Making our call and election sure (2Pe 1:8-11)

C.           STIRRED UP BY CAREFUL REMINDER (2Pe 1:12-21)

1.    By one who knows his death is imminent (2Pe 1:12-15)

2.    Whose eyewitness testimony along with the prophetic Word we should heed (2Pe 1:16-21)


 .              THEIR DESTRUCTIVENESS (2Pe 2:1-3)

1.    Their destructive heresies (2Pe 2:1-2)

2.    Their destructive methods (2Pe 2:1,3)

3.    Their destructive end (2Pe 2:1,3)

A.            THEIR DOOM (2Pe 2:4-9)

1.    The example of the angels who sinned (2Pe 2:4)

2.    The example of the flood (2Pe 2:5)

3.    The example of Sodom and Gomorrah (2Pe 2:6-8)

4.    God will deliver the godly, and punish the unjust (2Pe 2:9)

B.            THEIR DEPRAVITY (2Pe 2:10-17)

1.    Reviling against authority (2Pe 2:10-12)

2.    Reveling with great pleasure (2Pe 2:13-14)

3.    Revolting against the right way (2Pe 2:15-17)

C.           THEIR DECEPTIONS (2Pe 2:18-22)

1.    Deceptive in their methods (2Pe 2:18)

2.    Deceptive in their promises (2Pe 2:19)

3.    Whose latter end is worse than the beginning (2Pe 2:20-22)


 .              THOUGH SCOFFERS WILL COME (2Pe 3:1-9)

1.    Who forget the world was destroyed by water (2Pe 3:1-7)

2.    Do not forget that the Lord is not bound by time, and is longsuffering (2Pe 3:8-9)

A.            FOR THE DAY OF THE LORD WILL COME (2Pe 3:10-18)

1.    As a thief in the night, with cataclysmic destruction (2Pe 3:10,12)

2.    For which we should be ready, with holy conduct, looking for the promise of new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells (2Pe 3:11,13-14)

3.    Remembering that the Lord's longsuffering is salvation, as Paul wrote (2Pe 3:15-16)

4.    So beware lest you fall, growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2Pe 3:17-18)


1.    To whom was this second epistle of Peter written? (2Pe 1:13:1)

o    To those who had obtained a like precious faith

o    To those who had received the first epistle

2.    What region of the world did they live in?

o    Modern day Turkey

3.    When was this epistle possibly written?

o    67 A.D.

4.    Where was Peter when he wrote this epistle?

o    In Rome

5.    What purpose did Peter have in writing this epistle? (2Pe 1:12-153:1)

o    To stir up his brethren by way reminder

6.    What is suggested as the theme of this epistle?

o    Beware, but grow

7.    What is suggested as the key verses in this epistle?

o    1Pe 3:17-18

8.    According to the outline above, what are main divisions of this epistle?

o    Grow in grace and knowledge

o    Beware of false teachers

o    Look for the Lord's return



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