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Douglas B. MacCorkle "Prophetic Peaks, Exposition of the Olivet Discourse"
CHAPTER EIGHT - The Judgment on Living Tribulation-Gentiles

Chapter Eight
The Judgment on Living Tribulation-Gentiles

So much amplification is given in the Olivet Discourse to the lot of Israel, that some might wonder where the Gentiles are to be placed in the picture. Of course, Israel is in travail (24:8) because the Gentiles are tribulating it. The Gentiles are themselves called to their final test by the God who measured their times (cf. Luke 21:24). Now the return of Israel's Messiah as King of the Jews and as King of Kings, is related to the Gentiles.

During the seventieth week, the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached in the whole world quite an undertaking. Many Gentiles believed the message of the Jews who proclaimed it (24:14). This meant that the Gentiles would have to treat the messengers in certain ways in order to demonstrate their own fruit of faith. Herein lies a key to the judgment on the living tribulation Gentiles

The sequence of the actions.
It is illuminating to note the time terms in this section of the text. It reads "when the Son of Man shall come then shall he sit upon the throne of His glory then shall the King say . . . inherit the kingdom."

The King is beginning His reign in His earthly kingdom. It begins at His second advent. It operates from an earthly throne.

The seat of glory.
This throne was a matter of prophecy from the Messiah's own lips "when the Son of Man shall sit upon the throne of His glory (Matt. 19:28), ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel." It is His own throne (Rev. 3:21). It is His glory throne (cf. Joel 3:1-2, 11, 12; Zech. 14:2). Previous to this Second Advent, Messiah had no throne of glory in the earth. In heaven He is on His Father's throne with Him.

This throne of glory is not to be equated with the white throne (Rev. 20:11-15), as a strict comparison of texts will show. Rather is it the place where all Gentiles, in national order, will be gathered on earth.

The separation of the nations.
These people have not died. They are living Gentiles in national groupings for the sake of orderly judgment. There is no mention of the Church executing judgment with Christ. There is no mention of resurrection.

There are no nations in heaven. There will be no living persons at the white throne judgment.

There are two divisions made as the nations are separated. There are the righteous Gentiles and there are the wicked Gentiles. The separation is effected by the Shepherd-King, Jesus the Messiah. He sits officially as Son of Man (25:31) which is equivalent to Messiah.

This is a mixture which only the Messiah could separate. He puts the righteous in the place of honor on His right hand. He places the wicked at His left hand before He issues their sentence. The judgment, although national in color and order, is eminently personal. Only the individuals within the nations are called righteous.

The righteous will carry their nation's name into the earthly, millennial kingdom. These sheep have not been raptured and will not be. Their actions are seen to be individual (cf. vv. 36 ff).

The sheep nations.
The judgment is both personal and national. The nations will be gathered before Him at Jehoshaphat (cf. Joel 3:2). There in the valley (cf. Zech. 14:4), they will be judged. The Shepherd-King shows that only He could know His sheep (note the surprise statements by the individuals). The living Jews have already been judged in various tribulation-day ways, including the second advent of Messiah to them.

The secret among the nations.
The brethren are undoubtedly the Jews who have carried the Gospel to the end of the earth (Matt. 24:14) through the tribulation period and until the end of that age (Rev. 7:1-8). These brethren stand with the Lord as neither sheep nor goats and therefore as non-Gentiles.

The brethren are said to be treated as if they were the Lord Himself by the sheep nations. Messiah blesses the sheep nations as if they had ministered to Him personally.

Salvation is not said here to be by righteous works. These Sheep nations have believed the Gospel (Matt. 24:14) and have shown the reality of this saving faith by giving proper treatment to the persecuted and pressed evangelists. These brethren stand beside the King in the judgment proud of both the King and of those who were friendly to them and who had received their salvation through the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The story elsewhere.
Other passages in Scripture provide illuminating background for a full understanding of this scene. The reader is urged to study Gen. 12:3; Isa. 10:5; 14:2ff; Joel 3:2-7; Micah 4:11-13; Zeph. 2:9-11; Zech. 2:8-9; Eze. 28:26; Luke 21; Mark 13.

The summary.
This was a complete discourse according to Matthew 26:1. It connects the earthly kingdom with the second advent of Messiah as King of Israel and King of Kings. It affirms that He can only come when the seventieth week described by Daniel (9:24-27) has run its course. These matters are under decree.

The discourse treats the desolations caused by Antichrist and because of his presence and activities. These desolations are upon Israel in particular and upon the world (Rev. 6-19) in relationship with Israel.

The highest peak in the discourse is reached when deliverance is effected by the second advent of Messiah. This deliverance is from the bondages of Antichrist into the earthly kingdom of Messiah.

Thus, this brief exposition of the Olivet Discourse has comprehended the prophetic peaks of decree, desolation and deliverance.

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