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Clarence E. Mason's "GALATIANS"
V.  CONCLUSION  6:11-18
(Outline by W. Graham Scroggie)


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Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia College of Bible

V.   CONCLUSION 6:11‑18

  1. The letter written by Paul's own hand, 11 [1]

  2. Paul and his enemies, 12‑17

    1. The enemies, 12‑13

      1. Glory in the flesh (12a, 13b)

      2. They do this to avoid suffering (12b)

      3. In so doing they nullify the efficacy of the Cross and ignore the New Creation (13a)

    2. Paul, 14‑17

      1. Glories in the Cross (14a)

      2. In so doing he nullifies the flesh and forwards the
        New Creation (14b‑16)

      3. He does this in spite of tremendous suffering‑‑largely at their hand or through their propaganda and influence (17)

  3. A benediction of grace from the apostle of grace, 18


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  [1]  Two explanations have been given and either or both may be correct.  (1) The “large letters” (as per Scofield note) were due to Paul’s eye trouble.  Usually he dictated, but with no secretary available, the urgency of the situation caused him to write immediately, despite the tediousness of the task.  (2) Sir William Ramsey points out that because writing material was often sacred and / or expensive, to write with “large letters” was, in the first century, considered a delicate compliment to the ones addressed, as being important enough to warrant extra courtesy.