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"Start from the Beginning"

"Study To Show Yourself Approved Unto God,"  2 Timothy 2:15
J. Deering,

Starting From The Beginning
"Everyone has to start somewhere!"  Along the way great men and women of God have spoken to my heart about knowing the foundations upon which I place myself.  When I was much younger I thought that I was free to believe anything I liked about anything at all.  It never occurred to me that consistency was one of the key elements of the Christian life.  But today's society, it seems, lacks consistency.

From where does consistency start?  Scholars and philosophers call it "the basic presupposition."  The Christian should have the existence of God as their basic presupposition.  All else in life then can be built upon that one basic idea.  If God does exist then certain ideas can be held and others must be discarded.  For the Christian, God is defined by His revelation of Himself in the Scriptures.  If we build our lives upon the existence of the God of the Scriptures then our ideas, thoughts, precepts, laws, morals, etc., will be different than those who build their lives upon no god, or a god who is other than the one of the Scriptures.

Bible study and understanding takes time, lots of it.  Do not become impatient.  Do the work of genuine Bible study and reap the rich rewards.  In the process you will become an man or woman of God, and be richly steeped in His word.  It WILL change your life.

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