Understanding The Bible
Studying The Bible
Lesson 13 - "Summarize the Word"

"Study To Show Yourself Approved Unto God,"  2 Timothy 2:15
J. Deering,

Lesson 13 - Summarize the Word
Gather all of your notes and take all of your observations, charts, etc., put them into logical order and then sum them into conclusions.  Write down a conclusion for each idea in each verse, paragraph, or chapter.  Make sure that they do not conflict with the rest of Scripture, for no verse stands alone.

Remember you are seeking Scripture Truth, not trying to begin a new cult based upon individual interpretation.

And then write your first attempt at a commentary for those verses.  The first time through keep it very simple.

Then re-write your commentary again making it read like a teaching sermon "According to this verse, I Believe this, and this is why"  In most cases your commentary will not be very long (depending on the verses, paragraphs, chapters, in your study). Write and re-write until you have a finished, polished product.

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