Understanding The Bible
Studying The Bible
Lesson 14 - "Consult on the Word"

"Study To Show Yourself Approved Unto God,"  2 Timothy 2:15
J. Deering,

Lesson 14 - Consult on the Word
This is where the commentaries and personal sources come into play.  After you have done the work and come to general conclusions about the meaning of your assigned verses, then check the commentaries and see where your work agrees or disagrees.  Figure out why there might be differences and go back over the above list and seek to justify your conclusions.  Honor the thoughts of others and the conclusions they come to, and remember that it is acceptable to disagree.

In the early years of Bible Study I was in the habit of making file folders for each Bible book and each Topic I studied.  I kept notes, charts, and magazine articles in these folders.  When I had a need to review a book of the Bible, or teach, preach, etc., I could then go to a folder and quickly review based on the work I had done earlier.  I also fund that my Book Studies worked very well as study tools when placed into binders.

In these latter years I have been taking all that material and removing it from paper and placing it into computer files.  Everything in those files from early Bible studies to in-depth mature Bible research is now the basis of this web site.  We here at the AncientPath.net hope that the information found on these electronic pages directly benefits YOU.  The consistent Historical Literal interpretation of the Word Of God is our only product - and "It's Free!"

This is the end of the 14 lessons on Studying the Bible.