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ISAIAH - The Outline


"The Prophecies of Isaiah, Presented in Two Divisions" [1]




  1. Part 1 – Isaiah 1-6
    Prophecies Relating to the Onward Course of the Great Mass of the People Towards Hardening of the Heart.

    1. Opening Address Concerning the Ways of Jehovah with His Ungrateful and Rebellious Nation. Ch 1

    2. The Way of General Judgment; or the Course of Israel, from False Glory to the True. Ch 2-4

    3.  Judgment of Devastation Upon the Vineyard of Jehovah (Closing Words of the First cycle of Prophecies.). Ch 5

    4. The Prophet's Account of His Own Divine Mission. Ch 6

  2. Part 2 – Isaiah 7-12
    Consolation of Immanuel in the Midst of the Assyrian Oppressions.

    1. Divine Sign of the Virgin's Wondrous Son. Ch 7

    2. Two Omens of the Immediate Future. Ch 8:1-4

    3. Esoteric Addresses. Ch 8:5 – Ch 12

    4. Consolation of Immanuel in the Coming Darkness 8:5-9:6

    5.  Jehovah's Outstretched Hand Ch 9:7-10:4

    6. Destruction of the Imperial Kingdom of the World, and Rise of the Kingdom of Jehovah in His Anointed. Ch 10:5-Ch12

  3. Part 3 – Isaiah 13-23
    Collection of Oracles Concerning the Heathen

    1. Oracle Concerning the Chaldeans, the Heirs of the Assyrians. Ch 13:1-14:27

    2. Oracle Concerning Philistia. Ch 14:28-32

    3. Oracle Concerning Moab. Ch 15-16

    4. Oracle Concerning Damascus and Israel Ch 17

    5. Ethiopia's Submission to Jehovah. Ch 18

    6. Oracle Concerning Egypt Ch 19

    7. Symbol of the Fall of Egypt and Ethiopia, and its Interpretation. Ch 20

    8. Oracle Concerning the Desert of the Sea (Babylon). Ch 21:1-10

    9. Oracle Concerning the Silence of Death (Edom). Ch 21:11-12

    10. Oracle in the Evening (Against Arabia). Ch 21:13-17

    11. Oracle Concerning the Valley of Vision (Jerusalem). Ch 22:1-14

    12. Against Shebna the Steward (Appendix to the Tetralogy in Ch 21-22:14). Ch 22:15-25

    13. Oracle Concerning Tyre. Ch 23

  4. Part 4 – Isaiah 24-27
    Finale of the Great Catastrophe

    1. The Judgment Upon the Earth. Ch 24

    2. The Fourfold Melodious Echo. Ch 25-26

    3. First Echo: Salvation of the nations after the fall of the imperial city. Ch 25:1-8

    4. Second Echo: The Humiliation of Moab. Ch 25:9-12

    5. Third Echo: Israel Brought Back, or Raised from the Dead. Ch 26

    6. Fourth Echo: The Fruit-Bearing Vineyard Under the Protection of Jehovah. Ch 27:2-6

    7. Jehovah's Chastising and Saving Course Towards Israel. Ch 27:7-13

  5. Part 5 – Isaiah 28-33
    Book of Woes; or, Historical Discourses Relating to Asshur and the Egyptian Alliance.

    1. The First Woe - Judgment upon Samaria and Jerusalem, and Consolation for both. Ch 28

    2. The Second Woe - Oppression and Deliverance of Ariel. Ch 29

    3. The Third Woe - The Momentous Result of the Alliance with Egypt. Ch 30

    4. The Fourth Woe - The False Help; the Despised One pitied; and the New Era. Ch 31-32:8

    5. Against the Women of Jerusalem. Ch 32:9-20

    6. The Fifth Woe - Woe concerning Asshur; Deliverance and Glory of Jerusalem. Ch 33

  6. PART 6 – Isaiah 34 – 35
    All of the Judgment Upon All the World (More Especially Upon Edom), and Redemption of the People of Jehovah

  7. PART 7 – Isaiah 36 – 39
    Fulfillments of Prophecy; and Prophecies Belonging to the Fourteenth Year of Hezekiah's Reign, and the Times Immediately Following

    1. First Assyrian Attempt to compel the Surrender of Jeru­salem. Ch 36-37

    2. Second Attempt of the Assyrians to force the Surrender of Jerusalem. Its Miraculous Deliverance. Ch 37

    3. Hezekiah's Illness. Isaiah assures him of his Recovery. Ch 38

    4. Threatening of the Babylonian Captivity occasioned by Hezekiah. Ch 39


ISAIAH AND BABYLONIA - The Comforting Announcement of the approaching deliverance, and its attendant summons to repentance – In Three Parts.

  1.  PART 1 – Isaiah 40-48

    1. FIRST PROPHECY - Words of Comfort, and the God of Comfort. Ch 40

    2. SECOND PROPHECY - The God of the World's History, and of Prophecy. Ch 41

    3. THIRD PROPHECY - The Mediator of Israel and Savior of the Gentiles. Ch 42-43:13

    4. FOURTH PROPHECY - Avenging and Deliverance and Outpouring of the Spirit. Ch 43:14-44:5

    5. FIFTH PROPHECY - The Ridiculous Gods of the Nations and the God of Israel, who makes His People to rejoice. Ch 44:6-23

    6. SIXTH PROPHECY - Cyrus, the Anointed of Jehovah, and Deliverer of Israel. Ch 44:24-Ch 45

    7. SEVENTH PROPHECY - Fall of the Gods of Babel. Ch 46

    8. EIGHTH PROPHECY - Fall of Babel, the Capital of the Empire of the World. Ch 47

    9. NINTH PROPHECY - Deliverance from Babylon. Ch 48

  2. PART 2 – Isaiah 49-57

    1. FIRST PROPHECY - Self-attestation of the Servant of Jehovah; The Despondency of Zion reproved. Ch 49

    2. SECOND PROPHECY - Israel's Self-rejection; and the Steadfastness of the Servant of Jehovah. Ch 50

    3. THIRD PROPHECY - The bursting forth of Salvation; and turning away of the Cup of Wrath. Ch 51

    4. FOURTH PROPHECY - Jerusalem exchanges Servitude for Domi­nion, and Imprisonment for Liberty. Ch 52:1-12

    5. FIFTH PROPHECY - Golgotha and Sheblimini, or the Exaltation of the Servant of Jehovah out of deep Degradation. Ch 52:13-Ch 53

    6. SIXTH PROPHECY - The Glory of Jerusalem, the Church of the Servants of Jehovah. Ch 54

    7. SEVENTH PROPHECY - Come and take the sure Salvation of Jehovah. Ch 55

    8. EIGHTH PROPHECY - Sabbatical Admonitions, and Consolation for Proselytes and Eunuchs. Ch 56:1-8

    9. NINTH PROPHECY - Neglect of Duty by the readers of Israel and Errors of the People. Ch 56:9-Ch 57

  3. PART III. Isaiah 58-63

    1. FIRST PROPHECY - The False Worship and the True, with the Promises belonging to the latter. Ch 58

    2. SECOND PROPHECY - The existing Wall of Partition broken down at last. Ch 59

    3. THIRD PROPHECY - The Glory of the Jerusalem of the Last Days. Ch 60

    4. FOURTH PROPHECY - The Glory of the Office committed to the Servant of Jehovah. Ch 61

    5. FIFTH PROPHECY - The gradual Extension of the Glory of Jeru­salem. Ch 62

    6. SIXTH PROPHECY - Judgment upon Edom, and upon the whole World that is hostile to the Church. Ch 63:1-6


    1. FIRST CLOSING PROPHECY - Thanksgiving, Confession, and Sup­plication of the Church of the Captivity. Ch 63:7-Ch 64

    2. SECOND CLOSING PROPHECY - Jehovah's Answer to the Church's Prayer. Ch 65

    3. THIRD CLOSING PROPHECY - Exclusion of Scorners from the coming Salvation. Ch 66


[1] Deil, C. F., and Delitzsch, F., Commentary on the Old Testament, Volume VII, Isaiah by F. Delitzsch, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan (reprint published 1978), Outline extracted from the Book Text and Tables of Contents.


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