The Book Of Amos

Outline of Amos

I. The Author and Theme of the Book 1:1-2
II. The Prophecies of Amos 1:3-2:16

A. Concerning Damascus 1:3-5
B. Concerning Philistia 1:6-8
C. Concerning Tyre 1:9-10
D. Concerning Edom 1:11-12
E. Concerning Ammon 1:13-15
F. Concerning Moab 2:1-2
G. Concerning Judah 2:4-5
H. Concerning Israel 2:6-16

III. The Sermons of Amos 3:1-6:14

A. The Doom of Israel 3:1-15
B. The Depravity of Israel 4:1-13
C. The Dirge over Israel 5:1-6:14

1. The ruin of Israel in coming judgment 5:1-17
2. The rebuke of religious people 5:18-27
3. The reprimand of the entire nation 6;1-14

IV. The Visions of Amos 7:1-9:15

A. A Vision of Devouring Locusts 7:1-3
B. A Vision of Fire 7;4-6
C. A Vision of a Plumb Line 7:7-9
D. An Historical Interlude: Opposition from the Priests of Bethel 7:10-17
E. A Vision of a Basket of Ripe Fruit 8:1-14
F. A Vision of the Lord Judging 9:1-10
G. A Vision of Future Blessing 9:11-15