Understanding The Bible

Douglas Beals MacCorkle, Th.D.
1916 - 2002

About the Author:
Douglas MacCorkle was born in Boston, Mass., the son of John and Laura E. (Beals) (George Fletcher, John, Elijah, Abel) MacCorkle. Douglas was educated at the New England School of Art, Boston Museum of Art, Washington School of Art. He was a graduate of Gordon College of Theology and Missions, 1944. He earned his four year Master of Theology Degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, with a major in Theology, 1947. Between 1942 and 1957 his four full-time pastoral ministries were at Goffstown, N.H., Newton, MA, Dallas (Reinhardt Bible Church) and Paris, TX., and three interim one year pastorates in Washington D.C., Halethorp, Md., and Bristol, Pa

He was Professor and Academic Dean at Washington Bible College, Washington, D.C. (1957-63) and dean and founder of Capitol Bible Seminary, both in Lanham, Md. Douglas earned his Doctor of Theology degree from Dallas Theological seminary in 1961 with a major in New Testament Literature and Greek.

He was Professor, President and then Chancellor, Philadelphia College of Bible, Philadelphia, PA (1963-79) and President, American Association of Bible Colleges. During his tenure, the College attained accreditation from the Middle States Association and added two new bachelor degrees, the bachelor of music and the bachelor of social work. MacCorkle took the Presidency of Philadelphia College of Bible in 1963 following Charles C. Ryrie. Douglas MacCorkle married Jeanette Astle of Houlton, Maine and they had two children, David Lee MacCorkle and Judy A. Naugle. An author and Bible translator, he was a popular Bible conference and prophecy speaker. He also wrote and co-authored several books.

Dr. Douglas Beals MacCorkle, then 86, of Calvary Fellowship Homes, 502 Elizabeth Drive, Lancaster, PA, formerly of Cocoa Beach, Fla., and Philadelphia, died Monday, July 8, 2002, in Lancaster General Hospital after a long illness.

Books and Other writings:
"God's Special Secret" - Paul in Rome Argues the Case for the Church in Ephesus
"Prophetic Peaks" - Exposition of The Olivet Discourse
"God's Own VIPS"
 - Exposition of Romans 8:26-32
"Devotions on the Book of Hebrews" - from: Beside the Still Waters
"America in Bible Prophecy" -- Co-author
"Focus on Prophecy" -- Co-author
"Interpretive Problems of the Gospel of Matthew." Th.D. dissertation, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1961 -- unpublished


  The Writings of Douglas B. MacCorkle

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