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Clarence E. Mason's "Revelation"


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(Revelation, PCB 1969: p. 1-4a)
1. The book of Revelation is the climax of the Bible
2. The Bible teaches trends and states ultimate results

Pivotal Facts About The Book
    I. It is an unveiling, not a mystical obscuring
    II. It is a panorama of the future
    III. It is a book of visions
    IV. It is a book of symbols
    V. Every symbol is explained in the book itself, or somewhere else in Scripture
    VI. The key to the book of Revelation is at the door
    VII. The message of the book
    VIII. It is a terminus of all the various tracks of truth from Genesis to Jude

IX. Various views on Revelation
(Revelation, PCB 1969: p. 4b-12)
The Four Views Charted and Explained
    A. Spiritualizing or allegorical view
    B. Preterist view
    C. Historical or continuous-historical view
        Amillennial Chart
        Postmillennial Chart
    D. Futurist view Chart
        Thiessen's Chart
    Reasons for believing the futurist viewpoint
        General Panorama of Prophetic Events Chart
        The Futurist Interpretation of Revelaiton Chart
        The Seven Churches Chart
        The Tribulation and the Millennium Chart

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
(Revelation, PCB 1969: p. 13-22)
    I. The things that thou has seen 1:1-19
    II. The things which are 1:20-3:22
    III. Things which shall be after these things 4-22
        Parenthesis Chart

(Revelation, PCB 1969: p. A1-A4)
    Who are the twenty-four elders


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