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Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia College of Bible


  1. The Light (Gen. 1:5) = Christ, the Light of the world (Jn. 1:4,5,9; 8:12; 9:5; 12:46; 2 Cor. 4:4,6).

  2. Life appearing on the third day (Gen. 1:9-13) = Christ, the Resurrection and Life (Jn, 11:25; 1 Cor. 15:4).

  3. The Sun (Gen. 1:16; cp. Mal. 4:2) = Christ at Second Advent.
    Scofield Note: "Morally the world is in the state between Gene 1:3 and 16. The sun is not yet seen, but there is light. Christ is the light shining in darkness (Jn. 1:5), but seen only by faith (2 Cor. 4:5-6. The rest of the world is still in darkness except for the fragmentary light of nature and conscience" (Eph. 6:12; Acts 26:18; 1 Pet. 2:9).

  4. The Moon (Gen. 1:16) = A type of the Church in its witness.
    The Church has no light of itself but reflects the light of the Sun of Righteousness to this world of darkness (Mt. 5:14-16). As the moon is the lesser light to the sun, the Church is subordinate to Christ. Two things keep the moon from shining upon men:

    1. When the earth gets between the moon and sun, or

    2. When earth's clouds obscure its light from men's view. Does the world get between you and Jesus? Or do earth's obscuring influences (clouds of doubt, fear, indifference, etc.) obscure your testimony to men?

  5. The Stars (Gen 1:16) = Individual believers in particular (Phil. 2:15-16). (Moon pictures their united testimony in the Church, stars = individual witness.)

  6. The Man (Gen. 1:26 "Ish" = man or husband) = Type of Christ, the Last Adam, the second man (Rom: 5:14). In Eph. 2:l0 we read, "we are His' workmanship (a Greek word from which we get our word "poem"). God made an original creation ("poem" of perfect workmanship); but sin spoiled its majestic meter. But now God is making a new creation (His new well-ordered "poem"). See bottom of page for more on Adam and Christ.*

  7. Adam the Bridegroom (Gen» 2:l8-24) = Christ the Bridegroom of the Church Jn. 3:29; Eph. 5:24-32).

  8. The Woman (Gen. 5:18-24: "Isha" = woman or wife) = The Church (Eph. 5:24-32)
    Taken not from "rib" but "side" of Adam. She was not called "EVE" ("life" or "life-giving") until after the fall (Gen. 3:20). In a scene of death, Adam by faith called her "the mother of all living.” A type of the Church as a Bride of Christ (Eph. 5:32; Rom. 7:4; Jn. 3:29; 2 Cor. 11:2-3). This is the first of the Bride types.

  9. The Serpent = stands for Satan throughout Scripture, (Gen. 3:1; Rev. 12:9. “that ancient serpent”; 2 Cor. 11:3, “as the Serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety”).

  10. Coat of skins = Gen. 3:21. A marvelous type of Christ the Righteousness of God.

    1. This covering, or coat of skins, replaced man's vain attempt cover himself ( Isa. 64:6 -- "All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags"; cp.  Zech. 3:1-6).

    2. God provided the covering that was necessary if sinful man was to come to His presence (Isa. 6l:l0; Rom. 3:22).

    3. This covering of skins was provided only by means of sacrifice -- the shedding of blood (Heb. 9:22, 25, 26; 1 Pet. 1:18).

    4. This covering could be provided only by substitution. The animals were slain in their stead. Thus it is innocent blood. Application; 2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Peter 2:24; Gal. 2:20 ("for" = "in the place of").

    5. This covering produced a likeness to those whose death was necessary to obtain the covering. We become like Christ who died for us.

    6. The covering was offered as a gift of God's grace, requiring the obedience of faith, Adam and Eve let God put it on! Didn't hunt! Didn't sew! Just stood and let God do it!

    7. The covering was perfectly satisfactory to God, because it was provided by Him (Heb. 10:10, 14).

  11. Cain = The Natural Man.
    He brought to God that which was produced by his own effort, but there was no blood and therefore the offering was not acceptable. God told him how he could make an acceptable offering (4:7). He refused to accept God's way of sacrifice and forgiveness.

  12. Abel = The Spiritual Man.
    A man of faith. He was willing to believe that God had some point and purpose in demanding the shedding of blood. He didn't trust his reason but God's revelation (Rom. 10:17). Feed upon the Word and faith will be the product.

  13. The Slain Lamb (Gen. 4:4) = Christ, the Lamb of God (l Pet. l:18-20).
    Abel brought the firstlings of his flock. Type of Christ, the Lamb God, that takes away the sin of the world (Jn. 1:29). The Lamb is also a type of Christ in His unresisting submission to death (Isa. 53:7).

  14. The Ark = Christ our Refuge.
    The ark is a type of Christ, both as the Refuge of His people in the storms of life, but particularly as the Refuge to which the sinner may flee before the flood of divine wrath deluges, drowns, and destroys him. There was but one door (Jn. 10;9;14:6). God shut them in (cp, "hid with Christ in God," Col. 3:3). We are just as safe as our Saviour (Heb. 11:7; 2 Pet. 2:5; 1 Pet. 3:20). See Spurgeon's sermon on the Floods

  15. Enoch, Noah, and the Flood = A Dispensational Type.
    Enoch = Church translated before the terrible judgments of the tribulation period. Rev. 3:10; Heb. 11:5; 1 Cor. 15:51-52.
    Flood = the Great Tribulation, Lk. 17:26; 21:25-28.
    Noah = the godly Jewish Remnant of 144,000 (Rev. 7:4), divinely preserved during and through the judgments of the tribulation period, Isa. 2:l0-11; 26:20-21.
    Subsiding of the flood = new conditions of Christ's millennial reign in the kingdom age.
    For situation leading to the flood, see Bro James Me Gray's Spiritism and Fallen Angels.

  16. Melchisedek (Gen. 14; cp. Heb. 5:10) = Type of the Lord Jesus in Resurrection.  (We see Him in history, Gen.14; prophecy, Ps. 110; fulfillment, Heb. 7).

    1. As to his priestly ministry,

    2. As king and significance of his name and title, King of Righteousness, King of Salem - Peace.
      Thus our Lord shall bring in a reign of peace based upon righteousness, and be a Priest upon His throne, Zech. 6:13.

    3. In his perpetuity, Heb. 7.3.  No record of beginning or end of life, a type of Christ in His eternal generation; no father or mother, a type of Christ's uncreated sonship.

    4. As to the superior order of his priesthood (to Aaron's), Heb. 7:7, 9.

    5. A priest of El Elyon which looks forward to millennial reign, Gen, 14:18, 19, 23; Mt. 28:18; Rev. 11:15; Zech. 6:12,13.

  17. Melchisedek presented bread and wine to Abraham = Type of the Lord's Supper.

  18. Abraham (Gen., 15:6) = Type of believers of all the ages (Gal. 3:6-9,29; Rom. 4:3-8).
    This is the first stated time that a man became righteous by faith (Although the book of Hebrews shows in ch. 11 that any who were saved at all were saved by faith. eg., Abel, Heb. 11:4).

  19. Isaac ("Laughter") = speaks of one who brings joy.

    1. Type of Christ

      1. Child of promise.
        Gen. 17:16-19; cp. Isa. 7:14; Gal. 4:4; etc. Born supernaturally, at the appointed time. Interval between the promise and fulfillment.

      2. In his obedience unto death, Gen. 22. Not a whimper out of Isaac; Phil. 2:7-8; 2 Cor. 5:18; Jn. 1:1, 2, 14, 15, 18; 12:27-28.

      3. Raised from the dead, in a figure (Heb. 11:19).

      4. As the bridegroom, Gen 24. He was: the only son, the beloved son, the son to whom he has given all his possessions. A bride from a far country (Acts 15:14) brought by the servant who spake of his master. So the Holy Spirit speaks of Christ, whom He represents, Jn. l6:l3-l5, 1:13; 1 Pet. 2:9.
        The Spirit of God takes the beauties of Christ and portrays them to us. The journey home was tiresome and hard. Noticing this the guide would tell her of his master. So the Holy Spirit tells us of Him and His beauties, His grace and love (l Pet. 1:8; 2:7a).
        Isaac is walking in the field praying, He is praying for us as our great High Priest (Heb. 7:25).
        They are married (Rev. 21:2,9).

    2. Type of the Church
      Viewed as the spiritual seed of Abraham, Gal. 2:28; 3:29.

    3. Type of the new nature in the believer, born after the Spirit, Gal. 4:29.

  20. Rebekah, the bride of the son (Gen. 24) = Type of Church, the bride of Christ.
  21. Eliezer, servant of Abraham (Gen. 24:34) = Type of the Holy Spirit (Mt. 22:2-3; Jn. 15:26; 16:13-15; Eph. 1:13-14).
  22. Chapters 16-21 of Genesis, according to Gal. 4:21-31, are a type of Law and Grace, of the Old and New Creations!
  23. Jacob's Ladder (Gen. 28:12 = Christ, as the only way to heaven, whether in salvation or prayer (e.g., Jn. 1:51); Compare "No man cometh unto the Father but by me" (Jn.14:6).
  24. Joseph (Gen, 37-50) = Type of Christ
    1. Beloved son of his father. Gen, 37:3; Mt. 317; 17:5.
      Son of his old age; "in the fullness of time," Gal. 4:4.
    2. Hated of his brethren who should have loved him, Gen. 37:4; Jn. 1:11; 15:24-25. Why hated?
      1. Because he opposed their evil (cp.  Gen. 37:2 with Jn. 7:7);
      2. Because he fore­told his future reign over them (cp. dreams in Gen. 37:5-11 with the statements of our Lord such as in Jn. 6:62);
      3. Because his father loved him most (cp.  Gen. 37:4 with Mt. 27:17-18).
    3. Sent by his father for his brethren's welfare, Gen. 37:14, cp.  Jn. 7:29; 8:42; Gen 37:17, cp.  Lk. 19:10.
    4. His superior claims are rejected, Gen. 37:8; Mt. 21:37-39; Jn. 15:24-25.
    5. His brethren conspire against him. Gen. 37:18-20; Mt. 26:3-4, 27, 42, 67; Mk. 12:1-8
    6. Judah suggested selling him. Gen. 37:26-27; Judas sold Christ, Lk. 22:1-6.
    7. In intent and figure he was slain, Gen. 37:24.
    8. Raised alive from the pit - goes to the Gentiles, Gen. 37:25-28; Eph. 2:17
    9. Joseph among the Gentiles, Gen. 39-41.
      1. Brings blessing, Gen. 39:6 and Gen. 41; Rom. 15:9-12.
      2. Warns of coming danger, Gen 41; Mt. 24-25.
      3. He reveals hidden secrets, the dream of Pharaoh and butler and baker, Zaphnath - Paaneah, Gen. 41:45 ("Revealer of secrets"); Mt. 13:35.
      4. He is the Wonderful Counselor, telling them what provision they should make for the coming day. Gen 41:25-37; Mk. 13:37, "watch!"
      5. While rejected by his brethren he is raised to the right hand of another's throne. Gen. 41:38-44; Heb. 2:10; 1:3; Rev. 3:21.
      6. His authority is publicly declared, Gen. 41:43; Mt. 28:18; Ps. 2.
      7. He receives a Gentile bride while in rejection, Gen. 41:55; Jn. 6:51; Acts 15:14.
    10. Joseph is reconciled "to his brethren and exalts them, Gen. 42-45.
      1. In their tribulation, they did not recognize him but he them, Gen. 42; Hos. 5:3.
      2. He chastises them. Gen. 42-44; Mt. 23:35-36; Jer. 30.
      3. Yet he makes provision for them. Gen. 42-44; Rev. 7:1-3.
      4. He is made known for the second time. Gen. 45; Acts 7:13; Mt. 23:39; Heb. 9:28; Zech. 13:6-7.
      5. They confess their guilt. Gen. 44:16, cp. Hos. 5:15; Ezk. 20:42-43.
      6. He reveals himself to Judah and his brethren first, Gen. 44:15; Zech. 12:7.
      7. They go out for the rest of the nation, Gen. 45:16-28; Isa. 66:15-20.
      8. The brethren are settled in the best land, Gen. 46:28-34; Isa. 11; Mic. 4.
      9. Ends with his brethren prostrate at his feet, Gen. 50:15-21; Ps. 110:3; Rev. 19:16.
  25. Asenath the Gentile bride, espoused during the time of Joseph's rejection by Israel (Gen. 41:45) = Type of Christ's bride (Eph. 5:32).
  • * Continuing Number 6 above:

    The Earth, 1 Cor. 15:45 Origin Heaven, Jn. 8:23; 1 Cor 15:47
    Soulish, 1 Cor 15:45
    "Became a living soul,"
    breathed into by God.
    Nature Spiritual, 1 Cor. 15:45
    "Life-giving Spirit,"
    breathed upon others (Jn. 20:22)
    Head of Old Creation
    Rom. 5:15-21;
    1 Cor. 5:15-21
    Position Head of New Creation
    Rom. 5:15-21;
    1 Cor. 15:45-49
    Given dominion, Gen. 1:28
    but lost through sin and physical creation cursed (Gen. 3:17)
    Relation to Physical World Dominion promise and purposed; anticipatedly held (Mt. 28:18);
    to be actually held (Heb. 2:5-10; 1 Cor. 15:24-28).
    Physical creation to be blessed and delivered (Rom. 8:18; Isaiah 11:6-9)
    Sin and Death
    Rom. 5:12-21
    Eternal Result Righteousness and Eternals Life
    Rom. 5:12-21

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