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Typology in the Tabernacle, the Priesthood, and the Offerings"
Graphic:  The Gold-Overlaid Table, and The Shewbread


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THE GOLD-OVERLAID TABLE AND THE SHEWBREAD (Ex. 37:10-16; 25:23) = Christ the food of His People (Christ the BREAD OF LIFE, our SUSTENANCE and SATISFACTION, Jn. 6:48, 57-58).
It measured 2 cubits long, 1 wide, and l 1/2 high. Thus, it was c. 3 1/2 ft. long by 2 ft. wide and just about 3 ft. high (same height as ark of covenant). This speaks of Christ maintaining and sustaining His people in the presence of God. "This is my song, all the day, long; Jesus satisfies me."

The table was made of wood covered with gold; thus, Christ's true humanity surrounded by His deity is the basis on which the bread (truth concerning His person) is placed. The table speaks of communion (fellowship). But there was no chair in the tabernacle. The holy place was a place of service. We are not to sit and do nothing. If we commune, it is to fit us for service.

So we feed the hungry multitude. Jesus said, "Give ye them to eat" (Jn. 6:35).

The border around the table -- a handsbreadth -- (seemingly something to protect loaves from falling as carried through wilderness) reminds us of the words "they shall not be able to pluck them out of my hand."

The bread was covered with frankincense, picturing the pleasantness of the perfections of Christ.


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