Understanding The Bible
Clarence E. Mason's
"An Introduction Biblical Christian Doctrine - One"


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  Preface to the Doctrine Notes
  An Introduction to Old Testament Typology, (c. early))
   I.  Warrant for Typical study
   II.  Four ways to read the Old Testament
   III.  Difference between Allegorical and Typical study
   IV.  Definition of a type
   V.  Distinctive features of a Type
   VI.  How much of the Old Testament is Typical
   VII.  Rules for the interpretation of Types
   VIII.  Reasons for the study of Types
Types IN Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, The Offerings
Types AFTER The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, and The Offerings
  (Names Of God, PCB c. 1970) pp. 1-7
I. Various Inadequate Theories of Inspiration
II. Verbal and Plenary Inspiration
III. Inspiration According to the Scripture
IV. Testimony of the Early Church
V. Testimony of Secular Writers
VI. Objections to Doctrine of Verbal Inspiration
  I. Introduction and The Nature and Number of Angels
II. The Various Orders of Angels
III. Satan
I. The Origin of Man
II. Essential Elements of Man
III. Origin of the Soul



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