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Clarence E. Mason's "An Introduction Biblical Christian Doctrine"
"Biblical Christian Doctrine Three"



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Preface to the Doctrine Notes


  Standing and State of Believers
Believers and Professors
The Believer's Two Natures
The Service of the Saints
Salvation and Rewards
  Section I - Introduction
A.  Preliminary Observations
B.  The Ages and Dispensations Compared and Related
C.  Mason's Dispensation Chart
D.  Opposition to Dispensationalism
E.  Contrasts Between the Non-Dispensational and the Dispensational View
F.  The Advantages of Dispensational Study
G.  An Historic Sketch of the Dispensational View of Biblical Study

Section II - THE AGES AND DISPENSATIONS - Introduction
A.  The Edenic Age and The Dispensation of Innocency
B.  The Antediluvian Age and The Dispensation of Moral Responsibility (Conscience)
C.  The Postdiluvian Age and The Dispensation of Human Rule (Government)
D.  The Patriarchal Age and The Dispensation of Promise
E.  The Israelitish Age and the Dispensation of The Law
F.  The Church Age and The Dispensation of Grace
G.  The Age of Judgment and The Dispensation of Expectancy
H.  The Age of the Millennium or Kingdom and The Dispensation of Divine Rule (Christ's Reign)



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