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  INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK OF Canticles, Song of Solomon, Song of Songs:
    1.  Part I. Introduction
  2.  Part II.  The Plot
3.  The Various Songs (Canticles) Which Compose the Song
    #1 "A Song of Longing to be Brought into the Bridegroom's Presence" 1:2-6
    #2 "An Answer Which Did Not Answer" 1:7-8
    #3 "Love's Admiration" 1:9-17
    #4 "A Song of Perfect Love (His Love) Which Casts Out (Our) Fear" 2:1-7
    #5 "A Song of a Happy Visit and a Promised Return" 2:8-17
    #6 "A Sad Song Which Ends Right" 3:1-5
    #7a "A Song of an Amazing Marriage" 3:6-11
    #7b Details of the Chariot
    #8 "The Bridegroom's Solo of Delight" 4:1-7
    #9 "The Song of His Eager Proposal and Her Glad Acceptance" 4:8-5:1
   #10 "The Song about the Altogether Lovely One" 5:2-6:3
   #11 "A Song of the Shulamite's Superiority" 6:4-7:10
   #12 "The Song of a Homesick Bride" 7:11-8:4
   #13 "The Song of a Triumphal Homecoming" 8:5-14



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