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INTRODUCTION TO DOCTRINE  - Pastoral Studies  (Di 425) (C. E. Mason, PCB 1966)
  Pastoral Studies (in connection with Di 435 Denominational Distinctions)
I.  The Pastor and His Assurance of Divine Appointment
II.  The Pastor and His Ordination
III.  Pastoral as a Person
IV.  The Pastor's Preparation and Preaching
V.  The Pastor Presiding Over Church Services
VI.  Pastoral Visitation
VII. The Pastor Administering the Ordinances
VIII.  The Pastor and Weddings
IX.  The Pastor and Funerals
X.  The Pastor and Transacting Church Business
XI.  The Pastor Managing Church Troubles
XII.  The Pastor and Musicians
XIII.  The Pastor and Church Organizations
XIV.  The Pastor and the Problems of Finance
XV.  The Pastor and the Missions Problem
Appendix (cp. VIII. The Pastor and Weddings - "Pre-Nuptial Contract")

1.  Name; Doctrinal Basis and Covenant
2.  Membership
3.  Business Meetings, Elections, Duties of Officers
4.  Sunday School Leaders, Trustees
5.  Finance, Missions, Music Committees
6.  Ushers, Auditors, Misc..
7.  Advisory Board, Nominating Committee
8.  Annual Fellowship Dinner, The Lord's Super, Amendments



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