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"Mason's Chart of the Dispensations of Time"

Clarence E. Mason: "Chart of the Dispensations” [1]

The BOX indicates the time period or AGE. Although the time period (age) ends, the stewardship of light (DISPENSATION) continues intact (as, e.g., conscience, human government, Promise/Abrahamic Covenant) or adjusted (Law, Church), all comprising the cumulative body of truth which compose the Holy Scriptures.

Dr. Clarence B. Mason
Chart of Dispensations
The Cumulative Body of Truth Which Composes the Holy Scriptures
  9.  Eternity:  God's Rule extends into the Eternal Kingdom
  8. Divine Rule: (Kingdom) All dispensations converge here
  *7. Judgment: (70th Week of Daniel) Judgment continues.  Christ rules with Rod of Iron
  6. The Church: All redemption preaching flows from The Cross
  5. Law: To Israel only in primary application.  Moral principles continue to those only to whom light of law comes, whether Jews or Gentiles (Romans 2:12-15; 1 Timothy 1:8-10)
  4. Promise:  Covenant continued beyond Abraham with his posterity (Israel nationally) and his spiritual seed whether earthly (Jews) or heavenly (Church, composed of Jews and Gentiles, Galatians 3:27-29)
  3. Human Government: All mankind responsible then and in all ages since (e.g., Romans 13)
  2. Conscience: All mankind under moral responsibility (conscience) then, and in all ages since (Romans 2:15)
*1. Innocency: Adam only, after Fall man was no longer innocent, so dispensation of innocency did not continue.

*There is a little difference of opinion among dispensationalists about these two periods (marked with asterisks), as to whether one or both or neither should be included. If we consider No. 1 and No. 7 are included, then we have eight dispensations (not the usual seven). Eight would mark God's new beginning. If we omit both, we would have six (the number of man's incompleteness). If we omit No. 1 and include No. 7, we have the usual seven (the number of completeness) but by a different combination. 

 [1] Mason, Dr. Clarence E. Jr. Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Professor Emeritus, Philadelphia College of Bible, (c.1971) New Testament History: The Book of Matthew. Class Notes



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