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"A New Testament Chronology"

Dr. Clarence E. Mason,Bible Study Notes, (c. 1971; Philadelphia College of Bible).
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Birth of John the Baptist 6 months before Birth of Jesus Christ
Birth of Jesus Christ  (Authorities Differ) 6-4 BC
Beginning of John the Baptist's Ministry (Mat 3:1-6) 26 AD
Baptism of Jesus (Mat 3:13) AD 26
Jesus, 40 Days in the Wilderness, The Three Temptations AD 26
First Passover of Jesus (Most Agree) AD 27
First Miracle - Cana (John 2:1-11) AD 27
Nicodemus Visits Jesus (John 2:23) AD 27
Jesus heals the demoniac on the Sabbath (Mark 1:21) AD 27
Jesus heals the lame man on the Sabbath (John 5:1-47) AD 28
Jesus Chooses the Twelve Apostles (Mark 3:13-19) AD 28
Jesus preaches the "Sermon on the Mount" (Mat 5-7) AD 28
John the Baptist beheaded (Mat 14:1-12) AD 29
Jesus Feeds the 5000 (Mat 14:13) AD 29
The Transfiguraton (Mat 17:1-8) AD 29
Jesus heals the "man born blind" (John 9:1-41) AD 29
Jesus commissions the "72" (Luke 10:1-24) AD 29
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead in Perea (John 11:1-44) AD 30
Jesus' "Triumphal Entry" in Jerusalem (Mark 11-16) AD 30
Death, Resurrection, Ascension of Jesus And Pentecost (Jerusalem) AD (April-May) 30
Events of ACTS 1-7 AD 30
Martyrdom of Stephen AD 33-34
Events of ACTS 8-11 AD 33-34
Conversion of Paul (Tenny) 31-33) AD 35
JAMES probably shortly after the stoning of Stephen AD 35-45
Death of James, son of Zebedee AD 44
Death of Herod Agrippa I AD 44
Famine under Claudius AD 44-48, probably 46
Paul and Barnabas visit Jerusalem with alms AD 46
Events of ACTS 11-14 AD 45-49
First Missionary Journey (Acts 13-14) probably AD 47
Edict of Claudius expelling Jews from Rome AD 49-50
Apostolic Council at Jerusalem AD 50
Events of ACTS 15:1-29 AD 50
MATTHEW AD 50 (perhaps 40-50)
Proconsularship of Sergius Paulus begins by AD 51
Return to Antioch (Acts 15:30-35) AD 53
Second Missionary Journey of Paul AD 50-53
Events of ACTS 15:36-17:34 (probably begun in Babylon) AD 51
1 PETER AD 51-52 (probably)
1 & 2 THESSALONIANS from Corinth AD 52-53
Events of ACTS 18:1-18a AD 52-53
Proconsularship of Gallio AD 52-53
Paul Visits Jerusalem and returns to Antioch (Acts 18:1-22) AD 53
Third Missionary Journey of Paul (Acts 18:23)
Ephesus (Acts 19:1-20:1)
Macedonia (Acts 20:1b-2a)
Greece (Acts 20:2b-3a)
Paul takes Gentile Churches' gift to Jerusalem (Acts 20:2b-21:16)
AD 54-58
1 CORINTHIANS from Ephesus (Acts 19) AD 57
2 CORINTHIANS from Macedonia (Acts 20:1-2a) AD 57
GALATIANS from Macedonia or Corinth AD 57
ROMANS from Corinth (third visit: Acts 20:2b-3) AD 57-58
Accession of Festus not before AD 57
Arrest of Paul in Jerusalem (Acts 21:17-23:30) AD 58
Paul in Caesarea (Acts 23:31-23:30) AD 58-59
Paul's Trip to Rome (Acts 27:1-28:15) AD 60
Paul's First Roman Imprisonment (Acts 28:16-31) AD 61-64
Release of Paul (Tenny 58-59) (after Acts 28) AD 64-65
Persecution of Christians in Rome by Nero AD 64
Paul's Journeys East and West AD 64-67
1 TIMOTHY,  TITUS from Macedonia AD 65-66
1 PETER from Rome (before 67) AD 66
2 TIMOTHY (from Rome) AD 67
2 PETER (probably from Rome) AD 67
MARK (from Rome),  MATTHEW,  LUKE, (traditional dates) AD 67
Death of Peter (in Rome) AD 64-68, probably 67
Paul's Arrest and Return to Rome (second imprisonment and Death) AD 67-68
Death of James the Just (Jerusalem) AD 68
JUDE before AD 70
Destruction of Jerusalem (by Titus) AD 70
GOSPEL OF JOHN, REVELATION, JOHN (1-2-3) (from Ephesus) probably AD 90-100
Death of John, End of the Apostolic Age AD 98-100



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