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The Acts of the alumni - Summer 1969

The "Mason Testimonial Event Day"
Announcement of the Cyrus Ingerson Scofield Chair of Bible Exposition and that
Dr. Clarence E. Mason was the choice to be the first one to occupy this position.

Dean 1943-1969

By R. Iona Lyster

The Mason Testimonial Event Day on February 21, 1969, was one packed with activities honoring Clarence E. Mason, Ir., Dean of Philadelphia College of Bible. Before, during and after Dr. Mason's recent trip to the Orient a special committee had been making secret preparations so that thousands who had been touched by his life and ministry could have a share in the activities.

The special day began for Dr. Mason and his family at 7:30 a.m. with a breakfast at the Sheraton Hotel with comments from faculty and staff who had served with the Dean. After toastmaster Dr. John R. Brobeck, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, related how, while attending Wheaton College, he had been challenged by the reputation of Clarence Mason as a student, others paid tribute to his keenness of mind, his steadfastness in doctrine, his contributions through Bible teaching, and his deep concern for students.

Returning to the College from the Sheraton, the Masons found the students preparing for their share in acknowledging the great part the Dean has had in the development of the College. First they presented the history of PCB from the founding of the two schools under C. I. Scofield and W. W. Rugh through the merger in 1951 into Philadelphia Bible Institute, then on to the expansion into a college, the approval by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and later regional accreditation by Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The second phase of the students' portion was a warm friendly portrayal of Dean Mason as a person, teacher and dean, even including one of his love letters and of course his dramatization of the book of Esther. The climax of the student presentation was the announcement that the 1969 Milestone had been dedicated to the Dean. The completion of the program for the students was in the way of a special steak dinner at noon which they shared with the Masons.


In the next step of the day's progress, Dr. and Mrs. MacCorkle held an informal tea in the President's office. Educators, alumni, faculty, staff, and students made up the over two hundred guests who came in during this time to speak personally with the Masons.

From here the Masons rushed to the William- son Restaurant in Bala-Cynwyd for the annual Board-Faculty Dinner. At this occasion board and faculty members spoke high praise of the honesty and value of Dr. Mason's dealings with them. Here, as in the student program, choruses were sung that were composed by Dr. Mason over the years.

The biggest event of the day was the evening meeting in Robinson Memorial Chapel at the College where over eight hundred graduates and other friends gathered for the memorable occasion. In addition to the College family, this group included missionaries, pastors, Christian leaders, groups from the Dean's former pastorates, Weston Memorial Baptist Church and Chelsea Baptist Church of Ventnor, N. J., and many friends from Wharton Baptist Church in Glenside, where the Masons are now members. A longtime associate, Dr. William Allen Dean '21, not only brought greetings to the Masons but told an amusing story about their early Bible conference ministry in Atlantic City. The Rev. Eugene Shirey, a graduate of the evening school class of 1967, now a pastor in New Jersey, spoke of Dr. Mason's guidance and help to him. Unusual comments were made by alumna Irene Douts Potts '55, who represented Dr. Mason's former and present secretaries.

Special greetings were presented from far and wide from many who could not attend. Dr. William Culbertson, a former associate, now president of Moody Bible Institute, sent a telegram. One of the highlights was a Technicolor motion picture interview from Dallas, Texas, with Dr. Charles Ryrie, former president, and Edwin C.
Deibler a longtime PCB faculty member. Another was the presenting of a large bound book containing messages from people far and near who desired to share in the happy occasion. One of the most touching was a telegram from his son Robert, serving our country abroad, who was unable to be present because of his responsibilities in conjunction with President Nixon's trip to London. However, daughter Elizabeth, an outstanding senior at the College, was present and sang as part of the program. Mrs. Mason was recognized too, not only as the Dean's wife, but also as one who had contributed meaningfully in the various churches and in the College over the years.

Alumni President Frank K. Clifford '58 brought great joy to all, as he announced the establishment of the Cyrus Ingerson Scofield Chair of Bible Exposition and that Dr. Clarence E. Mason was the choice to be the first one to occupy this position. With this announcement a large portrait of Dr. Scofield was unveiled.

Professor Gordon G. Ceperley then spoke on behalf of the College family and presented to the College a fine Bachrach photograph of Dean Mason in his academic robes and also to his family a smaller more personal portrait. At long last Dr. Mason was given his first opportunity to speak acknowledging the events of the day and giving thanks to all who had shared in it. College Chef Wally Jones and his staff culminated the day with a superlative buffet supper served in the college cafeteria where, until nearly midnight, the Masons remained greeting friends old and new.

The great day closed with a sense of satisfaction to all, that God had been praised for the faithful ministry of a fine talented man of the Word, sincere in his devotion to God and so very valuable in the life of the College. Although Dr. Mason retires this year as Dean, his ministry in the Word of God will continue as he teaches in his position as professor of the Cyrus Ingerson Scofield Chair of Bible Exposition.

By H. Eugene Vickers

"Remember them . . . who have spoken unto you the Word of God" (Heb. 13:7).

To perpetuate and strengthen the teaching of sound doctrine and analytical Bible study at Philadelphia College of Bible in the years to come, the College Board of Trustees has given to the Alumni Association the high privilege of establishing this Chair in memory of one of the school's founders and first presidents, Dr. C. I. Scofield.

That this should be an alumni project is quite reasonable, for no other persons should be more zealous for purity of doctrine or more appreciative of expository Bible teaching than those who have been rooted and grounded in the Scriptures through their classroom experience in the College or in the schools whose offspring it is.

The uniqueness of this undertaking is not only that a substantial portion of the annual alumni fund will be channeled to provide the financial undergirding of this exalted position each year, but also that alumni will have a direct voice in the selection of the man to be so honored through alumni representatives who will serve on the committee to choose that man whenever the Chair needs to be filled.

There, of course, can be no argument that there is any person more worthy to be elected as the first professor of this Chair
than the one who has taught more of the alumni, structured more of the courses, tailored more of the academic recognition, been more insistent on strict doctrinal adherence, and given more of himself to our College than Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr. Therefore it is most appropriate for the Alumni Association to undertake this gratifying responsibility.

What does this entail? Briefly, the establishment of the Chair will cover the salary of the professor and secretarial assistance, the office and academic expenses, and the costs of administration.


Professor Gordon G. Ceperley's presentation speech illuminates aspects of a man sincerely respected and warmly loved.

Dean Mason, it gives Bob (Dr. Robert A. Tolson) and myself, on behalf of all the members of the faculty and staff, great pride to present to the College in your honor a portrait of a man whom we deeply respect and warmly love. This portrait will be hung in the Scofield Memorial Library, where it will be to all a vivid reminder of God's choice instrument, who, more than any other human, is responsible for making Philadelphia College of Bible what it is today and what it shall be tomorrow.

Dr. Mason, from 7:30 this morning you have heard many tributes from friends, faculty and the Board of Trustees. I am sure that I speak with the consent of all of my colleagues-staff and faculty-that we say "amen" to all of these words. We also agree with the students, although we did not have the privilege of being taught the Book of Esther.

We agree with your friends in their tribute, for we count ourselves as your friends. We agree with the members of the Board of Trustees because we are your co workers as well. I believe, however, that there is one dimension that we of the staff and faculty have that the others do not. It has been not only our privilege to work with you but also to work under you. I believe that if a person is to work effectively and happily under another person, he must have respect for the leader.

My testimony to you tonight. Dean, is that we respect you deeply and warmly. We respect your ability. We never cease to be amazed at the breadth of your interests and the depth of your understanding. I don't know of any other person who could at one minute hold an intelligent conversation with our Music Department in the field of their interests, which must be some sort of an extreme, and then minutes later come down to those of us who are living in more terrestrial realms and are concerned with some of the great problems on this earth, particularly in Philadelphia, and discuss with us what's wrong with Richie Allen!

Frequently I've talked with my colleagues after you had passed out our teaching assignments for a new semester, and upon mulling them over we almost always came to the same conclusion. We were delighted to teach anything you requested,  but we had the solid conviction that  given time to prepare, you could teach it better. We respect you for your ability.

We respect you. Dean, for the confidence you have had in us. We all can bear witness to the fact that you have been interested in us as people, as individuals, and as servants of the Lord. You have been interested in our families, our problems, our needs. We respect you for this.

We respect the fact that your office was never Mount Olympus. Although you did not duck responsibilities, you were always interested in our opinions, our convictions and our abilities, whatever they might be. You were interested and even encouraged our debate, our dissent. I think I detected on many occasions, when in our faculty meetings we had a guest, a twinkle in your eye and almost something of pride, when you warned our guest that upon completing his lecture, he might expect some degree of controversy. This is the way you wanted it. I remember distinctly not too many years ago a faculty meeting in which you went to quite some length to present your decided opinion. At once one of my colleagues, whom I will not name, arose and in his Scotch-Irish way protested very vigorously, "Dean, that's ridiculous!" Immediately there followed a peal of laughter and no one laughed more than you yourself. We respect you Dean because you respected us.

However we respect you, Dean, above all else, for your moral and spiritual integrity. We found you to be what you professed to be. You never asked us to do anything that you would not do yourself. You never demanded that we behave in a way that you yourself did not behave. We respect you for your integrity.

We have listened as you opened the Book from the pulpit of this platform on countless occasions and at other times in the intimacy of a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon prayer meeting. We are convinced of this, that what you teach, you believe and what you preach, you practice. We respect you for your integrity

We respect you as a Christian scholar who always stimulated us to do better. We respect you as a Christian leader who guided us and we respect you as a Christian who led us by his life and by example. It is with a feeling of sorrow that we say good-bye to you as Dean Mason, but it is with a sense of real appreciation and anticipation that we welcome you as Professor Clare Mason, the first occupant of the Cyrus Ingerson Scofield Chair of Bible Exposition.




The Pocket Testament League, Inc., Englewood, N. J.
"How we rejoice with you as we consider the many years of happy and fruitful ministry which the Lord has permitted you to enjoy."

Cambridge Springs, Pa.
"I still can see you as you came up the steps at 1721 Spring Garden Street that first day, when you be- came one of my teachers. I was out on those front steps and said 'hello'. You have been a blessing to me and Ruth ever since and no doubt to thousands of others."

ESTHER A. MEYER '31 (Former missionary to Holland), Altoona, Pa.
"In closer personal association, I benefited also in working with you in the preparation for the (Atlantic City, N. J.) Boardwalk Bible conferences."

American Board of Missions to the Jews, Washington, D. C.
"Neither will I forget the times your dear wife taught our class, although at this moment I am rather vague as to what she taught. I only do recall, and that quite vividly, that I thought she had the most beautiful hands I'd ever seen, with a perfectly beautiful diamond sparkling on her left hand! I think I must have been at a most romantic period of my life at that time. . . ."

Bolivia, South America.
"How can we ever thank you for your faithful teaching of God's Word. We are deeply grateful for all you have done for us. Our lives have been enriched as well as those of our Bolivian Christians and we continue to profit by your sacrificial ministry. There still echoes in our hearts the counseling you so lovingly gave us."

Newhall, Calif.
"You and your wife had a great deal to do in establishing my feet upon The Rock and keeping them there through 34 years in the business world."

"It is rare indeed to find two people (like the Masons) whose 'togetherness' seems to be so perfectly balanced, with high spiritual idealism and down-to-earth everyday practicality."

Tokyo, Japan.
"For me the school meant more, perhaps, than to most. I was born again there in a chapel service; called to the mission field and trained for service there; and had the privilege of serving on the staff. And you and Mrs. Mason were very much a part of it all."

Calvary Baptist Church, Hazel Park, Mich.,
"We thank the Lord for your gracious and consistent testimony over the years. Your lives have been a great challenge to us in the Lord's work. We remember so many things you taught us by word and by life."

Hinkley Bible Church, Hinkley, Calif.
"I trust we can in some small way express our appreciation of your good ministry to us back in the 30's. Even though we graduated in 1939, I still remember your unique ways of explaining some of the Old Testament books and characters. It was a blessing to our hearts to have such good Bible teaching to prepare us for a ministry of sharing the gospel with rural America."

Gospel Union of South America, Santiago, Chile.
"The old Spring Garden premises could be cold in the winter, but the fellowship was real and the teaching was heart-warming, so we didn't care much about the physical plant. My interest in coffee grew when you announced that we would be required to Testimonials from. memorize your lengthy outline of Romans for the examination, but once in the work we could see the value of having this book nailed down period! Another cherished memory is the book of Philemon. Apphia
and Archipus became real persons as they come down the stairs to join in reading Paul's letter. One minute we were roaring with laughter and the next we had tears as we realized our sins had been charged to His account. These were the things the Spirit of God drove into our soul and no doubt are the reason for our spending long years on the field."

Baptist Mid-Missions, Itacoatiara, Brazil.
"I can remember so clearly about 30 years ago now when you would come rushing into class and slam your brief cose down, then you would say, 'Are you all with me?' I'm really going to take you for a ride for we have to finish the last four chapters of Romans today."

The Valley Community Church, Clinton, Ohio.
"As I have in turn passed on the 'pattern of words' heard of you, to a goodly number of African Bible institute students, I thank God the chain is not broken for they 'teach others also' " (Kano Bible School).

Unevangelized Fields Mission, Haiti.
"Many things stand out in my mind concerning your teaching and the effect they have had on my life and ministry in Haiti. I don't think that anyone will forget your enactment of the story of Esther, but it made a real impact on our lives. This is one of the reasons that I am happy that two of my sons are presently attending PCB and are receiving the same training I have."

Director; Bible Visuals, Inc., Akron, Pa.
"And you've doubtless long since forgotten the Saturdays when you used to come to Philadelphia for more dictation . . . you and Mrs. Mason went shopping, and left me with that new puppy, who had to be kept on my lap during the dictation-and he kept chewing up my pencils! And, Dr. Mason, it wasn't until my graduation day that my terror of you left. That was the day you congratulated me, shook my hand, and called me 'Helen' after having been Miss Odenwelder for three whole years!"

Broomall, Pa.
"No two people, other than my parents played a greater role in shaping my life. You were there during the years of severe trial to help me to 'keep on keeping on,' Yes, you were strict, but we all needed that discipline. We learned through you that we cannot give the Lord the second best."

North Baptist Church, Corning, New York.
"Here comes Haman riding proudly in his chariot and there stands Mordecai with a curl on his Jewish lip, his head unbowed and irreverent. Never will we forget the story of Esther. But perhaps more important were those sixteen pages of notes on the book of Romans we had to know nearly by heart. Right now I'm preaching a series on the book of Romans and I'm eternally grateful for that class at PSOB. The major and minor prophets moved before our eyes better than a play on TV could have portrayed them."

Colonial Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland.
"Your method of teaching was certainly tops. I don't recall that I was an 'A' student, but the results of your teaching showed up when I got into the ministry. Most all the students can say what I have said about you. But I owe you something extra. If you remember my back- ground, you will recall that I wouldn't have even gotten in school, much less gotten a certificate, but for your intervention. And, a letter you wrote helped considerably in my recommendation for ordination."

The Evangelical Alliance Mission, Yokosuka, Japan.
Ann writes, "I personally remember the opportunities I had to sing at some of your speaking engagements. It was by this means that I went to Greenwood Hills Bible Conference one summer, and it was there that the Lord showed me definitely that He wanted me to give my life for service on the foreign mission field."

Unevangelized Fields Mission, Haiti.
"We remember the many opportunities to accompany you on weekend assignments. It was in this context that we came to know and to appreciate you as a man and as a friend. During these times we were able to observe theory in action as you gave the Word in the pulpit, and we saw the wholesome man of God in your contact with people. This was brought home to us again during your visit to Haiti. As you ministered the Word and mixed with the people, it was the same Dr. Mason we had always known-a faithful expositor of Scripture, a man among men, and a true friend."

"First impressions are deep and lasting. The year was 1947. The place was Philadelphia School of the Bible. I was a young freshman, eighteen years of age, with little direction in life because up till that time, I had few goals in life. In fact, I can't even say I was saved when I entered upon my Bible school training. It was three months later, and after many hours of sitting at the feet of God's servants, that the full realization of the truth 'by grace through faith plus nothing' finally dawned upon my soul. But one of the indelible impressions made upon my life by the Spirit of God in that first year, was the image of you, Dr. Mason, imparting the truths of God's Word through patient and often vivid application of pedagogical principles. Those teaching methods inculcated then, have enabled me to 'teach others also' out here in the Republic of China."

WALTER T. VILE '50 & '60,
First Baptist Church, Northfield, N. J.
"This is a note to express my appreciation for the spiritual guidance that you gave to me in my preparation for the ministry of the Word of God. Your faithfulness to God and to the veracity of His Word was a challenge to me in my formative years."

South American Indian Mission, Brazil.
"We want to be all that the Lord would have us be in this capacity of leadership but feel we must continue to have personal contact in witnessing, preaching, and teaching to keep from going stale. I never will forget your definition of a rut, 'a grave with the ends kicked out.' I pray that the Lord will ever deliver me from getting in a rut."

Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Singapore.
"Over the years there has been very little opportunity for personal contact with the College, but your visit to Singapore last year was one of the Lord's 'exceeding abundantly above' doings. The words of encouragement to stay on even though there were pressures
to return home came as added confirmation that it was the Lord's voice to which I had been listening."

Africa Inland Mission, Uganda.
"Our oldest son, Rickie, will be graduating from high school here in Africa in 1971 and is planning to come to PCB. Needless to say our hearts are thrilled with this decision and now to think that in the Lord's providence he will have the same privilege that we had, in having you as a teacher."

The Bible Club Movement, Inc., Upper Darby, Pa.
"As a meek and lowly freshman at Philadelphia Bible Institute you appeared to me to be a giant of a man with a big voice and big demands. But the more I sat under your teaching, the more I found you had a big heart and a big storehouse of the riches of God's Word. The book studies, whether Poets, Prophets or the Epistles were the basis for my understanding of the scriptures and have continued to influence my life and ministry to this day."

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Dalat, Viet Nam.
"Your clear expounding of God's Word was like cold water to a thirsty soul -"

MAJOR GEORGE B. (Chaplain United States Army) '57 and DORIS (McCLELLAND) '57 & '67 VOGEL.
"Greetings and best wishes from Bavaria near the Iron Curtain. Doris and I send salutations to you and your wonderful wife on this momentous occasion. Our only regret is that we cannot be on hand to convey our feelings. Your teaching and fervent spirit will always be with us."

Virginia Avenue Baptist Church, Hagerstown, Md.
"May I recall one incident during my years at the College. I was struggling and barely making my grade. Dr. Mason, you had spoken to me several times telling me that I could make the grade. Then final exams came and when the one from you had come back I had made the grade with a 'big fat' C+.  What really counted was a note in your own hand in the corner of the exam paper: 'Kenneth, I knew you could do it,' signed, Dean Mason. Those words were a constant source of encouragement and challenge."

Bangor, Northern Ireland.
"Your knowledge of God's precious Word was a constant stimulus to me. You were certainly a 'workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.' Thank you for all your help and wise counsel."

Hummelstown, Pa.
"I'm not sure that I could remember the outline for First and Second Corinthians. But I do remember, 'God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to per- form; He plants His footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm. . . .' "

Arctic Missions, Inc., Seward, Alaska.
"After graduation I went on to other schools where the teaching of God's Word was lacking. How thankful I am for the 'backbone' I received at the school and especially in your classes."

Quebec, Canada.
"After my wife and I were saved, we didn't want to bother our pastor too much, so we came to you for answers to the questions that often came up in our new found faith. No matter what the question was, we always received a sound Biblical answer. This we always appreciated."

Fairview Baptist Church, La Jose, Pa.
"We cherish all the memories of our classes in the study of the books of Daniel and Bevelation. The truths that we learned in class have been passed on many times as we have been privileged to teach these two books at the Altoona Bible Institute Evening School the past five years."

Fresno, California.
"PCB without Dean Mason is like a shirt without starch. Your example, when it comes to hard work, is difficult to super- cede. Your wise counsel, prefaced by 'Screw your heads on tight and use common sense', has brought many of us down out of, the clouds to cold reality both in everyday life and theology. We will never forget your song leading stance or the Bible stories which you acted out. I can still remember the mental image that I had when you led us in singing the chorus, 'Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me'; your physique balanced on Jesus' knee. You were dreadfully serious in serious matters and equally carefree and fun loving in its proper place."

Twin Orchards Baptist Church, Vestal, N. Y.
"What still amazes me is how you always presented truth known to you for years with the same excitement and warmth as if you had just discovered it on your knees before your class session! Dr. Mason, it was your contagious faith in and love of the Word that made me seek Him with greater purpose than I would have otherwise. I thank you and God for the inspiration you have been to us."

Lehighton, Pa.
"Thank you for hiding behind the piano and making Esther live. Thank you for telling us what square-heads we were when we thought we were so sophisticated, for making Christianity real, warm and thoroughly inviting, for caring so much for so many."

Director of Christian Education, Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church, Walnut Creek, Cal.
"Then I recall that I went to Dallas Theological Seminary partly because of your influence. I remember that you had time for the PCB boys who took you to lunch and you listened to their ideas and desires for improving the Philadelphia College of Bible. I remember walking away from that luncheon saying, 'You know, guys, I think that he really cares. I do believe that something is going to happen because of this time that he took to spend with us."

Treasurer PCB.
"It has been a pleasure and blessing for me to be associated with you as a friend, as your student, and now as a fellow administrator."

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Ruff Creek, Pa.
"Of all the characteristics of a Christian servant, your quality of faithfulness coupled with unrelenting dedication to the task of educating God's laborers looms tall among our memories."

Westfield, Maine.
"Being in the pastorate now for five months, I have to admit you helped prepare me in so many ways to do His work as a pastor. Funerals, I've had five; baptisms, two (Praise the Lord!) and so many opportunities in visitation (even the gum has helped!). I trust that you must feel like a coach of the largest team in the world. You have sent your team members into this battle in good shape, if they listened to you."


"With hundreds of added notes, the NEW SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE becomes an even greater storehouse of information and inspiration than the excellent original annotations by PCB's first president."   C. E. Mason, Jr.


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