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Historical Roots of Philadelphia College of Bible, Photo Album
Bible Institute of Pennsylvania,
1913 - 1951
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Philadelphia College of Bible, Milestone 1969

Bible Institute of Pennsylvania emerges in 1913

One early form of Christian service, the street meeting, was effective in reaching large numbers of people as is evidenced by this 1914 meeting at City Hall.


W. W. Rugh saw a need to teach lay workers the English Bible and founded a school to meet this need in 1913 H. Framer Smith, prominent in pastoral work, was president of BIOPA from 1939-1942.


Teaching Bible classes circuit style for many years demonstrated to W. W. Rugh the need for a permanent Bible school. Without assurance of money or facilities, he started a Bible school on July 8, 1913 in West Philadelphia with two students attending. Within two years, 108 students had enrolled in the infant enterprise. These formative years cemented the principles upon which the school was founded. It was an interdenominational, urban school incorporating academic excellence into its Bible teaching and emphasizing Christian service. In 1919, permanent quarters were purchased for the two-year Bible school, and W. W. Rugh's dream was moving.

Originally serving lay workers, the school now developed a three and four year program to meet the need of young people seeking training for full-time Christian work.

During the 30's and 40's, Presidents H. Framer Smith and William Mierop guided the school in academic maturation and doctrinal stability.


Teaching of the English Bible and Practical methods of Christian work attracted students from all denominations. (Classes of 1932-33)


BIOPA's center city location (1530 N. 16th Street from 1935 to 1946) was deemed necessary from early years for an effective witness within Philadelphia. BIOPA, relocated in 1946 at 15th and Race Streets, retained its central location.


By 1948, a curriculum revision made the institute eligible for accreditation by the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges. Collegiate rating was granted in 1950.

From a humble beginning, the work of W. W. Rugh had developed into the considerable ministry of the Bible Institute of Pennsylvania. The history of the school was its motto exemplified: "To know the Lord Jesus and to make Him known."



William Mierop illustrates dispensational teachings, the basis for the conservative Bible doctrine still taught at PCB.

Clair Hitz shares Bible doctrine and truth (1947)



Christian Service was demonstrated by seniors at each school

Emphasis on Christian Service was a constant factor in the ministry of BIOPA.

The lecture method used at BIOPA is still popular at PCB today.


Philadelphia College of Bible MILESTONE, 1969
  1914 - 1951 Philadelphia School of the Bible 1951 The Merger - PSB + BIOPA = PBI 1958 PBI becomes Philadelphia College of Bible
1958 Philadelphia College of Bible 1969 C. E. Mason Dedication 1963 - Douglas B. MacCorkle, President, PCB
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