Philadelphia College of Bible
Spiritual Life Conference
(September 1972)

Dr. James Borror

"Two at Parbar"

"Praise the Lord!" "In everything give thanks." "God's mercies are new every morning." "God is so good!" "Thy loving kindness is greater than life."

These are only a few of the oft-quoted songs and statements of the 1972 Spiritual Life Conference. From his first "What's the word?" (and the response of "Praise the Lord!") to the last sermon on Parbar, Dr. James Borrer caused the entire student body to begin improving their relationship and responsibilitry to God. Throughout the week, the emphasis was upon a daily minute-by-minute contact with God. After concentrating for a week on His goodness, the entire school family found it easy to sing, "I lift up my hands unto thy name."

1973 Piladelphia College of Bible, Milestone, p.99


Recordings of Dr. James Borror

  1.   Dr. James Borror, 4 Suppositions On The Holy Spirit
  2.   Dr. James Borror, Countdown for Christians
  3.   Dr. James Borror, Psalm 37 Pt-1 - Accept Life's Inequalities
  4.   Dr. James Borror, Psalm 37 Pt-2 - Appreciate God's Goodness
  5.   Dr. James Borror, Psalm 37 Pt-3 - Apply God's Principles
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  In another area there are audio downloads of Dr. James Borror, John Cawood, Malcolm Cronk, Ralph Keiper, Earl Radmacher, Charles Haddon Robinson, Dr. George Slavin, Jack Wyrtzen, and even a Chapel Program "The PCB Morning Show" featuring students - all recorded at PCB during the early 70's. There is also Dr. Lewis Chafer's Audio Recordings of, "Spiritual Life Conference", presented at Dallas Theological Seminary in 1948 is available. Recently added is an interview with Dr. Mae Stewart from 1974.


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