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W. W. Rugh,
Founder: West Philadelphia Bible School (1913)
Later to become the Bible Institute of Pennsylvania (1939)


2 Page Printed Leaflet
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The Gospel as revealing the righteousness of God. Chapter 1:16,17.
PURPOSE-Written to give us the foundation for our faith (Ps. 89:14 R. V.; II Peter 1:1 E. V.). The only God-given foundation for our faith is the revelation of what the God of truth and grace\ has wrought for us through the finished work of Christ and what He has promised to work in us by His Holy Spirit.
INTRODUCTION-Chapter 1:1-17 declares that God is the 'Author, and Christ and His work the subject of the Gospel which saves every believer, Jew or Gentile.


This wonderful book of Romans is a revelation of the living, eternal, infinite, unchangeable, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent God, who, in and through Jesus Christ created the heavens and the earth, the sea and all things that are therein. Thus He made known His eternal power and Godhead, that all might believe in and worship Him. When sin entered, which separated all men from God, He left them with a conscience, that they might realize their need of God. Here also He tells us how by His spoken and written word He has made Himself known to men, so that all are without excuse.

We find here God's condemnation of all as unrighteous in His sight, and how in and through Christ He has righteously judged the sinful acts and nature of all, that He might declare righteous all who believe in Him. This righteous judgment of all is revealed as the righteous foundation for God to count the faith of the ungodly for righteousness, also for giving them victory over the power of sin.

This book reveals not only what the God of grace and truth has done for us through our sin Bearer, but it tells us of the mighty Helper, the Holy Spirit, who enables us to enjoy all that Christ is, has done, is doing, and will do for all, who by faith have a heart knowledge of Him.

To crown it all, this book gives us a revelation of the righteous life the Holy Spirit enables every believer to live before God and men.


"How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
Is laid for your faith in His excellent word!
What more can He say, than to you He hath said,
To you, who for refuge to Jesus have fled?"


  1. CHAPTERS 1:18 TO 8:39-God's righteousness manifest UNTO all men and UPON all who believe. Key Verse, Ch. 3:22.
    1. CHAPTERS 1:18 TO 3:20-God's righteousness manifest UNTO all men by declaring all men unrighteous. Key Verse Ch. 3:10.
    2. CHAPTERS 3:21 TO Sill-God's righteousness manifest UNTO all by judging all men on the cross, and manifest UPON every sinner who believes by justifying or declaring him righteous. Key Verses, 4:24, 6;1.
    3. CHAPTERS 5:12 TO 8:39-God's righteousness manifest UPON believers by sanctifying or making them righteous. Key Verse, Ch. 8:2,
  2. CHAPTERS 9 TO 11-God's righteousness manifest UNTO Israel and the nations and UPON all who believe. Key Verses, Ch. 9:8; 10:10; 11:26.
    1. CHAPTER 9-God's righteousness manifest UNTO Israel by visiting wrath upon all the unbelieving. Key Verse, Ch. 9:22.
    2. CHAPTER 10-God's righteousness manifest UPON all who call upon His name by showing them mercy. Key Verse, Ch. 10:13.
    3. CHAPTER 11-God's righteousness manifest UPON all of believing Israel in restoring them to His favor nationally, and blessing believing Gentiles through them. Key Verses, Ch. 11:12-16.
  3. CHAPTERS 12 TO 16-God's righteousness manifest THROUGH believers by their love toward God and roan. Key Verses, Ch. 12:1; 15:1, 2.
    1. CHAPTER 12-God's righteousness manifest THROUGH believers by the yielding of their lives unto God for His service. Key Verse, Ch. 12:1.
    2. CHAPTER 13-God's righteousness manifest THROUGH believers by their subjection to the powers that be. Key Verse, Ch. 13:1 B. V.
    3. CHAPTERS 14 TO 16-God's righteousness manifest THROUGH believers by their love for one another. Key Verse, Ch. 14:7.

By W. W. RUGH, Associate Dean, Bible Institute of Pennsylvania
1418 N. 16th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


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