Understanding The Bible
W. W. Rugh "Christ In The Tabernacle"

Founder: West Philadelphia Bible School (1913)
Later to become the Bible Institute of Pennsylvania (1939)


  Book Notes
  The Occasion of the Giving of the Tabernacle
  Purpose of the Tabernacle
  Description of the Tabernacle
  The Tabernacle Graphic (large and small)
  Typical Teaching of the Tabernacle
  02  The Tabernacle as a Whole
  03  The Hangings of the Court
  04  The Gate
  05  The Brazen Altar
  06  The Offerings
  07  The Laver
  08  The Door
  09  The Veil
  10  The Boards
  11  The Coverings
  12  The Tabernacle
  13  The Candlestick
  14  The Table
  15  The Golden Altar
  16  The Ark
  17  The Mercy-Seat
  18  The Cherubim
  19  The Priesthood
  20  Jehovah's Master Workman
  21  Israel's Folly and Jehovah's Favor
  22  The Making of the Tabernacle
  23  The Setting Up of the Tabernacle
  24  How to Use the Word of God

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