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"To Him who opened His mouth in parables and
uttered things hidden since the creation of the world."

Psalm 78:2



"The Scribe as a Head of a Household"
Matthew 13:51-52



First, before getting into this parable, here is a quick wrap-up of all of the parables found in chapter 13 of the book of Matthew.



It is all about The Kingdom of Heaven

(The Sovereignty of God on Earth)



1. The Sower, the Seed, and the Soils

       a. The Authority of the Sower - God [Father, Son, Holy Spirit] is Absolute authority.

       b. The Seed is The Word of God - It is sown to all

       c. There are only two kinds of Soil - Those who will believe Jesus, and those who will not.


2. Why Parables?

a. Jesus' disciples (believers) are granted to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven - Others are not.
b. The parables are designed to bring understanding of these mysteries to those who believe.


3. The Wheat and the Tares

       There are two forces in this world - Godly and Anti-Godly.


4. The Mustard Seed

       God's purpose is grounded in "Be fruitful and multiply" but since the fall, evil comes and roosts in the growth.


5. The Growing Seed

       The Soil produces crops by itself, and each Soil is responsible for its own crop.


6. The Leaven

       The Fall changed the world away from life and righteousness, and towards death and evil


7. The Hidden Treasure

       Some find salvation without looking for it, and it is of great value and worth everything.


8. The Pearl of Great Price

       Some seek salvation and find it, and it is of great value and worth everything.


9. The Fishnet

       God's Word is spread to all the world - only some will see and hear. There is a great division coming and it will will come when the net is dragged in.


10. The Head of the Household

       God's Kingdom is full of Old and New truth. Knowledge of the Scriptures requires both: The Old is in the New Revealed, the New is in the Old Concealed [St. Augustine].



Now we can enter into the study of:
[Matthew 13:51-52] The Head of the Household

51 “Have you understood all these things?” They * said to Him, “Yes.” 52 And Jesus said to them, “Therefore every scribe [teacher of the Law] who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure new things and old.”

One of the most important verses in the bible for New Testament believers. Knowledge of the Old Testament is essential to understanding the New Testament.

Saint Augustine wrote, “The Old is in the New Revealed, the New is in the Old Concealed.” Some important truths don't become apparent until you run into someone who by age or happenstance has acquired extensive knowledge about a subject that is of interest to you. In the short time between being saved and going off to Bible College to learn about my newly acquired faith, I developed a desire to really get to know the Word of God. I knew that it was the Holy Spirit working in my life and I was desperate to know more. I listened to preachers, Christian radio programs, and immersed myself into my Bible. Then I went off to Bible College... nearly everyone around me knew so more about everything biblical and I was already years behind in what I needed to know. The magic moment came when I met my first old timer Bible professor. There was a richness to every statement he made. His extensive knowledge and years of study and teaching brought God's word to life.

Why do I bring this up some 50 years later? Well, that's what this parable is all about. It's there to show us what I found out so long ago. There are those who God has set apart to bring forth great richness and understanding of the Scriptures. In this parable Jesus tells His New Testament disciples... that it was those who were educated in the “Law of God,” the Old Testament covenants, who would come to Jesus as their savior and would be the ones who were able to explain the intricacies of the New Testament.

It is appalling that so many Christians are so poorly educated in the Old Testament. It is a shame that most churches do not have a dedicated teaching plan for all ages that doesn't just focus on the New Testament teachings but also delves deep into the Old Testament. Not just the famous stories about the famous people, but the true meaning of The Law; the sacrificial nature and eventual fulfillment of those sacrifices; the priesthood that would eventually become the Royal Priesthood of believers; the importance of Jerusalem; the fulfillment of all of the prophesies of those great men and women of that ancient past. It's all written down and available for the present... and so few take the time to know and understand it.

Yes, there were bad Scribes and teachers in the Jewish religious system of Jesus’ day, but there were also those who knew those Scriptures inside and out who would, in time, fall at Jesus’ feet and worship Him as their Messiah as well. It is this parable that states, by Jesus, that it is these converted of the Nation of Israel in His day that would be able to take the Old Covenant, the Old Testament, and the New Covenant and see how they not only compliment each other, but also see their Messiah, the Anointed One, the Christ, as the fulfillment of all of God's promises to His people. They would have the deep knowledge and the filling of the Holy Spirit of God that would enable them to teach the richness of the Scriptures to those who belong to Jesus.

Jesus asked His disciples, "Have you understood all these things?" [Matthew 13:51a]. He asked that question after finishing all the parables of John chapter 13 - "The Parables of The Kingdom." In their innocence they answered Him, "Yes." And then He said to them, "Therefore every SCRIBE [teacher of the Law] who has BECOME A DISCIPLE OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure new things and old." [Matthew 13:51b-52].

So I say to all of us... In your quest to "grow up in the Bible and in your faith," seek out those believers (teachers, writers, etc.) who have a great knowledge of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Find those who are intimate with the Old Covenants and that most precious New Covenant and study under them. They can show you, from the Scriptures, how to grow in faith, grow in the knowledge of Jesus the Christ, and grow and be ready for your final entry into the Kingdom of Heaven and be under your loving King, ruler, and brother - Jesus.

I'll leave you with this from Dr. James Boice,

"Do you understand all these things? No doubt there is much you do not understand, just as there is much I do not understand. But do you believe what you do understand? Are you prepared to act upon your understanding and come to Jesus? Just admit that you are a sinner, in rebellion against God, deserving of His judgment. Believe that, in spite of those facts, God has sent His Son to be your Savior, so, commit yourself to Jesus, promising to follow Him as your Master and Lord. Jesus Himself said, "Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them" [John 13:17 NIV].


1.         “Have you understood all these things?”

2.         Who is it that Jesus tells us that we should be listening to and studying under?

3.         What is the specific quality to look for in those who know and teach the Law of God?




1.         “Have you understood all these things?”

Of course not, but never stop learning what God has to say in His Word. Every Christian I have ever studied under has said the same thing to me, “Every time I go back to the Scriptures… I find something new.” God never stops revealing His Word to us in all kinds of new ways!


2.         Who is it that Jesus tells us that we should be listening to and studying under?

Jesus indicates in this parable that there are those who are learned and studied in the deep things of the Old Testament. In their studies they have seen what God has promised and looked forward to the revelations found in the New Testament that complete the Old. In my personal studies I found that the study of the Tabernacle of God in the book of Exodus to be one of the most beneficial studies of the foretelling of the person and nature of the Messiah – but it took the knowledge of those gifted in the whole Law of God to bring clarity and full understanding to those prophetic writings.


3.         What is the specific quality to look for in those who know and teach the Law of God?

The most important quality to look for in a teacher of God’s Word… is that they are a “disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven.” It may not sound like it, but Jesus is pointing to a very specific requirement. They must be a disciple, a fully dedicated follower, of The Kingdom of Heaven. This term carries with it the exact meaning of that place where God is absolutely sovereign. Therefore, it is the place where Jesus of Nazareth is the absolute King. It is the place where God’s Holy Spirit is the reigning power in each individual, and where – as we have already said – God Almighty is absolutely sovereign. That’s the person who can link the Old and the New of the Scriptures and present a complete and well balanced teaching of God’s Word. Can your teachers clearly link the Old and the New?


To close this study, here’s a personal note about these things. I’ve always considered myself to be bi-vocational. My heart is buried deep in Jesus and the Scriptures. God’s Spirit has pushed and shoved me to teach at every opportunity – whether at home, socially, at church, or at work. For over 40 years my co-workers would often call me “Preacher.” At the same time I’ve been a dedicated professional technologist. I’ve climbed the ladder at every opportunity and achieved a career and life that I never expected as a youngster. The career process has required education, continual studying, reading, and submission to various disciplines. My spiritual life in Christ has required no less! Please – don’t neglect your spiritual life and calling. If Jesus has called you… give Him your all. The writer of Hebrews was so alarmed at the spiritual condition of those he wrote to…


Hebrews 5:12-14 [NET]

“For though you should in fact be teachers by this time, you need someone to teach you the beginning elements of God’s utterances. You have gone back to needing milk, not solid food. For everyone who lives on milk is inexperienced in the message of righteousness, because he is an infant. But solid food is for the mature, whose perceptions are trained by practice to discern both good and evil.”


So… Study, read, listen, understand, follow, and be educated in the things of Jesus, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the whole of Scripture, and your dedication to Almighty God.



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[1] Historical Present - the original states, "They say to Him"