Understanding The Bible
"The 15 Apostles"

J. Deering, AncientPath.net
The 15 Apostles

  1. Simon Peter (Cephas, Bar-Jona) (Brother of Andrew)
  2. Andrew (Borther of Peter)
  3. John (Son of Zebedee, brother of James)
  4. Philip (Invited Nathaniel)
  5. James (Son of Zebedee, Brother of John)
  6. Bartholomew (Nathanael) (Bar-Tholmai)
  7. Thomas (Dydimus-"Twin")
  8. Matthew (Levi) (Contraction of Matthias -"Gift of Jehovah")
  9. Simon Zelotes ("The Caananite")
  10. Jude (Lebbaeus, Thaddaeus) (Brother of James)
  11. James "The Less" (Son of Alphas (brother of Joseph))
  12. Judas Iscariot (Son of Simon)
  13. Matthias (Replaced Judas Iscariot by choice of lots)
  14. Paul - a "Called apostle"
  15. James - a "Called apostle"