Understanding The Bible
"The Bible Quick Chart"

Descriptive Statements of Jesus Christ from "What the Bible Is All About" by Henrietta C. Mears, c. 1953

1. You Need a Believing Relationship With Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father
2. You Need a Working Fellowship With Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father
3. You Need a Working Prayer Life With Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father
4. You Need a Systematic Theology that is:
    Fundamental in its elements,
Evangelical in its thoughts and outreach,
Follows the Normal Literal Interpretation,
is Historical,
And No Scripture stands alone in its interpretation
5. A Willing Desire to Know and Follow God's Word, even if it means hard changes
The Law (Pentateuch)    
The Prophets    
  The Former Prophets  
  The Latter Prophets  
  The Minor Prophets  
The Writings (Kethubiim)    
  The "Rolls"  
The New Testament    
  The Gospels  
  The Transitional Book of Acts  
  The Non-Pauline Epistles  
  The Pauline Epistles  
(Prison Epistles)
  The Book of Revelation  


The Old Testament Major Bible Theme Events and Descriptions
1.  Genesis Jesus Christ, Savior of the World
    The Creation
    The Creation of Mankind
    The Fall of Mankind
    The Flood
    Babel, the Confusion of Tongues
    The Call of Abram
    The Emigration to Egypt
2.  Exodus Jesus Christ, Our Passover Lamb
    The Exodus
    The Building of The Tabernacle
3.  Leviticus Jesus Christ, Our Sin Sacrifice
    The Spoken Picture Book
    The Feasts
    The Law of Moses
4.  Numbers Jesus Christ, Our 'Lifted Up' Savior
    The Book of the Individual
    The Tragedy of Kadesh Barnea
5.  Deuteronomy Jesus Christ, Our True Prophet
    Remembering God's Law and Israel's Future
6.  Joshua Jesus Christ Our Captain of Salvation
    A Generation Dead in the Desert
    Possess The Land
    The Conquest of Canaan
7.  Judges Jesus Christ, Our Deliverer Judge
8.  Ruth Jesus Christ, God Our Kinsman Redeemer Establishing the Lineage of David
9.  1 Samuel Jesus Christ, Our King Saul, David, Solomon, The Kingdom
10.  2 Samuel Jesus Christ, Our King Failure of Saul, the Sucesses of David
11.  1 Kings Jesus Christ, Our King 400 years of Growth and Decay 
12.  2 Kings Jesus Christ, Our King 400 years of Growth and Decay
13.  1 Chronicles Jesus Christ, Our King 400 years of Growth and Decay
14.  2 Chronicles Jesus Christ, Our King 400 years of Growth and Decay 
15.  Ezra Jesus Christ, Our Restorer The Captives Released
16.  Nehemiah Jesus Christ, Our Restorer The Rebuilding of the Temple
17.  Esther Jesus Christ, Our Advocate The Deliverance of the Jews from Haman 
18.  Job Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer Testing Apart From Sin
19.  Psalms Jesus Christ, Our All in All Songs to the Lord 
20.  Proverbs Jesus Christ, Our Wisdom Capsules of Wisdom 
21.  Ecclesiastes Jesus Christ, Our Wisdom The Futility of Life Without God 
22.  Song of Solomon Jesus Christ, Our Wisdom God's Love of Israel 
23.  Isaiah Jesus Christ, Our Messiah The downfall of Israel's enemies and the Comming Mesiah 
24.  Jeremiah Jesus Christ, Our Righteous Branch God's Judgment because of Sin 
25.  Lamentations Jesus Christ, Our Righteous Branch Weaping over the Sins of the people 
26.  Ezekiel Jesus Christ, The Son of Man God Will Fulfill His Promises 
27.  Daniel Jesus Christ, The Smiting Stone The Hand of God 
28.  Hosea Jesus Christ, The Healer of the Backslider  God Loves His People, Inspite of Their Sin 
29. Joel Jesus Christ, The Restorer Revival Follows Repentance
30. Amos Jesus Christ, The Husbandman "Gather My Straying People"
31. Obadiah Jesus Christ, Our Savior "Edom, You Looked On While Jerusalem Perished"
32. Jonah Jesus Christ, Our Resurrection and Life Jonah: Israel Personified
33. Micah Jesus Christ, The Witness Against Rebellious Nations God is Offended by Cruel Actions
34. Nahum Jesus Christ, A Stronghold in the Day of Trouble Mercy Unheeded finally brings Judgment
35. Habakuk Jesus Christ, The God of My Salvation Why Punish Judah?
36. Zephaniah Jesus Christ, A Jealous Lord "For Whom The Lord Loveth He Chasteneth"
37. Haggai Jesus Christ, the Desire of All Nations Persuading the People to Rebuild the Temple
38. Zechariah Jesus Christ, The Righteous Branch The Presence of God to Strengthen and Help
39. Malachi Jesus Christ, The Sun of Righteousness "I have Loved You, Saith The Lord"
40. Matthew Jesus Christ, The Promised Messiah  
41. Mark Jesus Christ, The Servant of God  
42. Luke Jesus Christ, The Son of Man  
43. John Jesus Christ, The Son of God  
    God Comes to Earth
    The Birth of the Christ
    The Baptism of the Christ
    The Temptation of Christ
    His Kingdom Message
    His Redemptive Message
    His Miracles
    His Transfiguration
    His Prayers
    His Crucifixion
    His Resurrection
    His Ascension
44. Acts Jesus Christ, The Living Lord  
    The New Testament Church is Formed
    A New Age Begins
    The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus (Paul)
45. Romans Jesus Christ, Our Righteousness  
46. 1 Corinthians Jesus Christ, Our Lord  
47. 2 Corinthians Jesus Christ, Our Sufficiency  
48. Galatians Jesus Christ, Our Liberty  
49. Ephesians Jesus Christ, Our All-In-All  
50. Philippians Jesus Christ, Our Joy  
51. Colossians Jesus Christ, Our Life  
52. 1 Thessalonians Jesus Christ, The Coming One  
53. 2 Thessalonians Jesus Christ, Our Returning Lord  
54. 1 Timothy Jesus Christ, Our Teacher  
55. 2 Timothy Jesus Christ, Our Example  
56. Titus Jesus Christ, Our Pattern  
57. Philemon Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Master  
58. Hebrews Jesus Christ, Our Intercessor At The Throne  
59. James Jesus Christ, Our Pattern  
60. 1 Peter Jesus Christ, Our Precious Cornerstone of Faith  
61. 2 Peter Jesus Christ, Our Strength  
62. 1 John Jesus Christ, The Life  
63. 2 John Jesus Christ, The Truth  
64. 3 John Jesus Christ, The Way  
65. Jude Jesus Christ, Our Keeper  
    God's Re-Revelation of the Spiritual Life
    God's Revelation of "The Body of Christ"
    The Rapture of "The Bride of Christ"
66. Revelation Jesus Christ, Our Triumphant King  
    The Vision of Jesus Christ revealed through The Holy spirit to John, and written down by him
    The Judgment Seat of Christ
    The Marriage Feast of The Lamb
    The "Tribulation," Daniel's Seventieth Week, preparing Israel to receive her Lord
    The Second Coming of The Christ
    His Righteous Judicial Acts
    The Millennium
    The Final Judgment - The Great White Throne
    Eternity - A New Heaven and A New Earth