Understanding The Bible
"Who Is Jesus" Part-15
by Joan A Deering

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Who is Jesus

Part 15

By Joan A Deering


Before we go any further it’s important to realize the leaders only reason they wanted Jesus dead. The Jewish leaders wanted Him dead because Jesus was a threat to their leadership. They no legitimate reason to put Him to death. They took Jesus and brought Him to Pilate.

Jesus was led before Pilate and Pilate had much to say about the whole situation. He had many questions for those bringing Jesus to him and he had problems regarding what they were trying to do to Him.

He asked why they were bringing Jesus to him.

They said:

"If this Man were not a criminal, we would not have handed Him over to you" [John 18:30].

Pilate told them to take Jesus and judge Him according to the laws they had. 

They said:

"We are not permitted to put anyone to death" [John 18:31].

The whole plot for the Jewish leaders was just revealed to Pilate. They wanted Him dead and gone. They didn’t want anyone taking their place as the leader of the people.

So, Pilate began questioning Jesus.

1.         "Are you the King of the Jews?" [John 18:33].

2.         "Why have the chief priests handed You over to me: what have you done?" [John 18:35].

Basically, Jesus answered indirectly. "I am a King but not of this world," [John 18:36].


3.         "So, you are a King?" [John 18:37].

Jesus said He is and that He came to bear witness to the truth.

Jesus was then brought before Herod Antipas because Pilate found that Jesus was a Galilean and He was under Herod’s jurisdiction. Then He was brought back to Pilate because Herod didn’t find any reason for Jesus to be put to death either [Luke 23:13-15].

Pilate went back to the Jews and told them:

"I find no fault with Him; I find no grounds at all for charges in His case! Then he went on to mention that because it was the Passover, he was allowed to release a prisoner and asked if they wanted him to release Jesus the King of the Jews? [John 18:38, 39]

The Jewish leaders and the people there screamed: “Not Him but Barabbas,” a prisoner who was a robber [John 18:40].

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