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Welcome to the AncientPath. We're here to help keep the idea of FREE Bible resource materials alive an well on the internet. It's our sincere hope that the pages of material found here will enrich your spiritual life as well as help you with Bible study techniques, individual Bible studies, and good sound fundamental and Biblical Theology studies.

Our ministry is to present free biblical resource materials for those who are interested in Bible Study and Learning to Study The Bible.  We sincerely hope that you find our site helpful. The menu on the left provides access to thousands of pages of these materials. These materials are also available, through the "Table of Contents" feature if you are looking for something specific.

Every book of the Bible has information and bible studies from various writers. We try very hard to provide bible believing authors and teachers who love Jesus, the Christ, the Lord God, and follow the Bible Christian Ancient Path.

The Book of Hebrews is now available on YouTube: The Book of Hebrews - The Video Series, 32 half-hour lessons.

"The Parables of Jesus." 43 of Jesus' Parables are in the collection as well as introductory materials and addenda..

Two series called "Who is Jesus" and "He Did It For Us," for families, new believers and younger students.

The Book of RUTH  - rewritten for Group based Bible Studies - Check the left menu when you get to "Ruth" for " NEW Ruth Group Studies." The studies are now fully ready for your studying. The original studies have extensive sections of Questions and Answers that have been replaced with a more indepth study of each paragraph and presented in 12 individual lessons. All of the original associated documentation has been preserved.

The original Book of RUTH studies remain. They are geared for those of you who are interested in learning how to study the bible - while you study this wonderful book of Ruth. There are charts and Addenda to fill your mind with helpful Bible information - and a Q&A at the end of each lesson, again, geared to help you learn the importance of the words in the lesson and encourage you to think deeper upon each verse.

If you are a new believer in Jesus, please see the menu item (or just click here): New Life in Christ?

The "The Ancient Path"  Study materials on this website are made available here free and may be copied for use in Bible study groups, in limited numbers, providing that no charge is made for them.  Items that appear as copyrighted materials that are not of our authorship are not to be copied without the express permission the original copyright holders. Every effort has been made to give proper footnote credit for items that are quoted. Click here to view our stand and position on the Bible and it's teachings.

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