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Clarence E. Mason, Photo Album
November 12, 1904 - January 18, 1985


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Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
B.A., Th.M., D.D
1904 - 1985

Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.



... was born Nov. 12, 1904 at 5:45 A.M. (here at 16 months old) ...




... (2 years old) ...




... upon graduating from Wheaton Academy (15 years old) ...




... and Wheaton College, he went on to study at Dallas Theological Seminary (21 years old, sixth from the left) ...




... he married Lois McShane the year he graduated from Dallas -- Aug. 1, 1927 ...




... they had two children, Robert and Elizabeth (fall 1949) ...




... in 1927 he came to this school as part-time faculty while at the same time holding a pastorate.  Then in 1946 he became a full-time faculty member and was appointed Dean in the same year ...




Dr. Clarence E. Mason Jr.
a respected and well-loved teacher, Counselor, friend, and man of God;
the 1974 Milestone staff dedicates these pages in appreciation
for his many years of faithful service at Philadelphia College of Bible.


Photographs and text from:

Philadelphia College of bible MILESTONE, 1974

David Poysti, Editor
Susan Newton
Pamela Yeager
Kenneth Buchanan
David Allen
Mr. Paul Karleen, Advisor

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Books still available by Clarence E. Mason, Jr. @ Amazon.com
Prophetic Problems with Alternate Solutions, c. 1973
Love Song, c. 1976
Oxford NIV Scofield Study Bible:  New International Version, c. 1984
     (C.I. Scofield, E. Schuyler English, Clarence E. Mason, Jr., W. Sherrill Babb, Paul S. Karleen, Philadelphia College of Bible)


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